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  1. I see your point Greg.. My other Macaw was an 'unwanted' bird as you put it. And it took me a long long while to turn her into the bird she ended up. I dont really want to go down that road again. But to answer your questions.. I do live in quite a large house yes, with a very big garden.. Big enough for a 12st Dogue De Bordeaux and a Bullmastiff. And as regards to the neighboors.. Funnily enough, There bird lovers too. I am a joiner by trade, so the bird will have a flight/avary he/she can go in during the day in summer.. As well as being a self employed joiner, Im also a Bodybuilder, i dont drink.. the only time i go out, other than work is to the gym.. the rest of the time im at home eating! - This is why i am looking for a bird around July / August time, as im away most weekends at the min at Bodybuilding shows. Sorry if that seems a little bit ars*y, i dont intend it to be. Could i ask what birds you own?
  2. Hmm.. i dont know if OK is quite good enough... Could you recommend me a Macaw Breeder please David?
  3. Yeah ive heard that too.. Have you heard of Barrett Watson Parrots?
  4. Hi everyone. Im looking at getting another macaw soon.. (around july time) Ive got my heart set on a Green wing.. Ive found a breeder and hes asked if i would want a Cock or Hen bird.. Now the question is, What would you go for.. and why? I used to have a B&G Macaw a few years ago, but had to let her go to a better home the end of 2009 due to a new Contract at work. And it broke my heart getting rid of her.. But shes happy now so i wouldnt to disturb that. Thats why i want a Green wing, Or maybe a Scarlet as i dont want to seem like im replacing Amber by getting another B&G. I feel abit 'new' again as ive not really been too involved with parrots since.. Other than my parents DYH Amazon.. which hates men, so i tend to leave her to her own devices. Ha. Actually, just noticed the Display pic, Thats Amber.. Bless her. Any advice would be brilliant.. All the best, James.
  5. B&G and a Millitry as a breeding pair?
  6. As some of you may know, i recently bought a B&G Macaw. I suppose you could call her a rescue bird, as her previous owner used to 'Hurt' her. Her wings where heavily mutilated, basically just the bone and blood feathers, she only had 1 tail feather (now she has a good 6). A week after getting her i took her to see Matt Brash, he removed all the dead pens for me. Since then shes come on a real treat, she isnt that extremely loud velcro-bird (she used to crave attention, and when she didnt get it she would scream the house down) and her wings are looking better than ever, all her feathers are back and in pretty good condition. Now, she has 'nipped' one of her blood feathers. Blood everywere, straight away i had her laid down and cleaned her wings with an anti-ceptic, and put corn flour on the wound to try and stem the flow. All worked well. Shes done this around 3-4 times now, and im starting to worry, iv spoke to Matt, and he told me it could just be a habbit, he told me from day 1 that this may re-occur as she has been that used to doing it. Im just wondering/Hoping there is something i can do to prevent this? Any Ideas would be brilliant. She is a really loving/happy/playful bird, and isnt stressed in anyway shape or form. She gets nothing but attention and always gets her own way, so she isnt going back down that road of the mutilating (or at least i hope) James.
  7. My B&G doesnt really have a smell, but my DYH Amazon on the other hand stinks.
  8. Picture of my LillieBob outside in the sunshine. Ive got High-Res for anybody who may want it. This is just her 'outdoor' cage. Her normal cage is 10x the size :wink: J.
  9. Hi. This maybe the wrong section, but im just wondering if any of the Hull Society meets still go ahead? Ive tried "googling" and cant only find dates from 1999-2005. Ive also rang the Organisers number but no answer.. Any help would be great, as i'd love to take my two somewhere like this, to meet different Birds/People. Thanks, James.
  10. southmed - good job you said that really, i nearly bought one a week or so ago. My Amazon is due a new cage, and my Macaw come with a 'Castle Dome Top' cage. Its really big but looks abit out of place in my living room. So i thought i would treat them both to one of these double cages. May have to re-think about what cage(s) to get now
  11. Lovely Bird(s). Whats the quality of the cage like? ive been considering one for my Macaw and Amazon. Not sure if there big enough for a Macaw though looking at that one.
  12. w6eva - ive got one of the spears, she wont entertain it. Net - ive tried her with raw veg, cooked veg, i put a few bits in the blender, she took few bits off a spoon, and that was that. I tried her with abit of brocolli off my plate what she seemed interested in, she ate 3/4 of it with a bit of gravy on - Result! She wont touch it if its in her bowl though. I think i may have my work cut out for me with this one, shes a little mischief.
  13. Net - I will try to contact him tomorrow. The last pic doesnt really do her any favours. lol. She looks more like an Amazon with a Macaws head and colours. I gave her a bowl of seed earlier and she ran off the back of the settee, up onto the top of her cage, down into the door way and straight into her bowl. And Didnt stop eating for a good 15-20 minutes.
  14. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate it. Heres a few pics of her, shes so small compared to most B&G's. James.
  15. Thanks. It was Matt Brash who told me to do that, obviously with him being a top, well known vet i took his advice.
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