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  1. I hope this is ok and if not please delete but wanted to start a post to let people know who we are and what we can offer and hope to answer any questions people may have
  2. Mika

    ring help

    I juat wanted to ask if there is a directory of breeders with what they put on rings?? I would love to find out more about the bird i have here and he has a ring on... Thanks in advance
  3. Mika

    ring help

    no he is a BnG
  4. Mika

    ring help

    just trying to find a bit of history on his ad he is a rescue bird
  5. Mika

    ring help

    his ring is: 8 mac w ( i have left the birth date off the end)
  6. GREENWING MACAW FOUND NEAR HEXHAM NORTHUMBERLAND ON 17.8.10. FOR MORE INFORMATION please pm me Registered with national lost parrot & pets registers.
  7. it was by chance realy. The man who found him and called bird line was selling his house.. he told the people who were viewing about what he had found, they had heard it on the radio and put 2 and 2 together. But the place he went missing from was miles from where we found him.....
  8. the one thing im now thinking is how do we get lost and found birds over to the public who DONT have the internet??? it was only by chance he has found his owners and would hate for birds to be missing there family because they dont have the internet... any ideas?? we advertised with the vets, police, shops in the area he was found...
  9. owners found!!!!! being reunited wednesday!! what a great outcome, but will miss him loads x
  10. yes john has been informed and i have posted on the forums i can think of, but please feel free to spread the word around, as like you say he has got be be missed somewhere!!! if you post it on any other forum please ask them to contact Bird line parrot rescue. Thanks x
  11. We have had an african grey handed in today that has been found in wigan. By the looks of him/her they have not been out long. please email me if you think its yours with the birds details. Thanks shellwidjaew@hotmail.co.uk
  12. i have advised the national register, the local police for the area, the vets for the area, and as many parrot forums i can think of lets hope we find the owner xx
  13. Hi, We have found an amazon in manchester today at about 5.00pm. looking for the owner... any information please email me on shellwidjaew@hotmail.co.uk
  14. Mika

    WANTED: Sitter/Boarding in Staffordshire

    hi i am in cannock and would willingly help please email me for more info, you are able to come and see our guys before you make your mind up
  15. We have collected a Found african grey from the Talke pits area of stoke on trent, staffordshire. If you would like any more information please email me on shellwidjaew@hotmail.co.uk
  16. Mika


    we have been out a few nights and cant seem to find where they are coming from..... i was contemplating calling enviromental health to see if they can find the beggers...
  17. I have a outside play room for my babies but the wasps seem to like the food dishes!! so the past few days they have not been outside. The food dishes are taken out every night! any fresh fruit is fed to my lot in the house away from wasps, and i clean the play room out every night so there is nothing in there to attract them.. i have evan tried picking the dried fruit out of the tidy mix but that did not help eather... but i feel sooo mean that i cant let them out.. (im petrified of wasps) so i cant get them back in, and being as the sting can be very nasty to parrots i dont want to risk anything... So any help?? how can i keep the beggers away from my babies? Thanks in advance...
  18. just to let people know the good news we were able to find his owner!! so he is now home safe and sound
  19. African Grey lost an hour ago in Northgate area of Crawley Sussex. This bird has medical problems, if found or seen please contact shellwidjaew@hotmail.co.uk 07973 463 232
  20. thanks very much!!! this bird is a poorly one and needs to be found ASAP
  21. Hi all, We have had a too for over a year from a rescue. She has started plucking yesturday. we have changed nothing and dont understand why this has happened. PLEASE any ideas would be great. Thanks
  22. it is a 5 year old ducorps and she is plucking under her wings.
  23. Sorry to be crude but i have an amazon who is quite old (not sure of age due to being a bird line bird) She has had very watery poo for around 3 months. It is all clear... no green or white AT ALL. The first week it happened i took her to the vet and they tested the poo but nothing came up?? it has continued so i have taken her back a total of 6 times and all the vet does it give her antibiotics (sorry about spelling). They do not work and they cant find nothing wrong?? i need ideas of how to make if firm or of what to say i want her tested for if i take her back to the vet. Thanks