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  1. Thanks for the links. Another really stupid question - What kind of tree are christmas trees?
  2. Hi all, I am just wanting to make a playstand of some description, and make Ollie some nice natural perches for his cage. I dont want to pay £7.99 for a stick, which is what most pet shops seem to be charging. What kind of wood can I use? I will obviously clean it fully before letting him near it. I have the main part of our christmas tree (all branches removed) in the back garden, can I use the wood from that? Many thanks, Kiel
  3. Here are two photos, so that you can see the length of his claws (the photos are a little dark, I didnt think he would appreciate the flash being used!) :
  4. I typed Avian Vet into Yell.com, and didnt really get any specialists, just vets who also do avian. Does anybody know of any near to Melksham, Wiltshire?
  5. Thank yuo very much for the advice so far. I have just called our local Vet, and they will only charge £14.90 for a parrot check-up, which I thought was very cheap! Is it better to find a specialist avian vet though? The one I called covers all animals.
  6. He is around two years old. He hasnt made the noise today at all, and I have been with him all day. Im not sure if it definately from his nostrils, maybe his mouth, but my partner is pretty sure it is from his nostrils, like he has a cold or something?
  7. Ok, I got the word format one, which I can edit as you like, check for spelling mistakes, and then send back. There is probably a way to convert it to a pdf as well, but I cant remember how! Do you have pictures to go on the sheet as well? How much are you looking to change?
  8. Where is the care sheet at the moment? And what format is it in? I can take a look at updating it if you like, im fairly good with that kind of thing?
  9. Good evening all, Myself and my partner have just bought a Hahns Macaw, Ollie, who is approximately two years old. I have a few questions, and appreciate any answers and feedback from you guys/girls. We have only had him since Saturday morning, so I am expecting "He just needs to settle" to be the answer to many of our concerns. He doesnt seem very interested in eating or drinking at the moment, he is still in the same cage, with the same bowls, and with the same food mix he came with. Apparently he is very picky on which mix he will eat, but as I say, its the same one he was on previously. He will eat from the bowl if it is held in front of him, and he will happily take food from your hand, its just when the bowl is attached to the cage he doesnt seem interested. We have just put up a stick with food on, (Seed mix covered with honey, bought from the pet shop) which he has taken a good interest in. We were going to save these until he was settled, but were worrying that he hadnt eaten enough. On the topic of food, he has had a nice bowl of fresh fruit yesterday, and a bowl of veg today, with not the slightest bit of interest in each. Is this just something that will come with time? He screached like mad when we were eating our tea just now, and when he came over, he did eat a little of my cauliflower. I suspect this is only because it had a little bit of gravy on it - will a little gravy do him any harm? The other thing is a noise which he has been making, kind of as if he has blocked nostrils, thats making us wonder if he is a little unwell? Or is this a normal noise for Hahns Macaws to make? How long are his claws supposed to be? They seem very long at the moment, he has a perch which is supposed to keep them trimmed, but we are a little worried that we should be doing something else to keep them short? He is so much fun, we are just trying to get him hand tame - he lets us know when he wants to be picked up from his cage, and when you get there, and ask him to step up, he gives the hardest bite ever! Although if you offer him a shoulder to step up to he is fine. Any help or advice appreciated, especially from people who have experience of the Hahns Macaw. We are planning a trip to the vets soon, (any idea how much for a check-up?) but were just wondering what thoughts and ideas would come from the immense amount of experience on the forum. Many thanks, Kiel
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