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  1. I feel extremely sad after reading Mr Glendall's comments and regret having got involved with a parrot. We humans are so selfish and clueless when it comes to pets. In search of our own gratification and happiness, we end up creating misery for everyone. I simply hope that out of many unlucky parrots, there are just as many lucky ones!
  2. I have tried everything Mr Glendell suggested including hormone injection and using fake eggs, but nothing worked! Perhaps if I didn't do these things, Charlie may have laid even more eggs!!
  3. Charlie is in her second season of laying eggs. Last time she laid over 20 eggs. She must be a breeding bird. I am at my wits end because Charlie is difficult to look after whilst being so hormonal with all this egg producing. She is only nice to me and aggressive to everyone, plus her feathers are no longer bright and shining. I can't seem to stop her from wanting to produce eggs, so I am looking to see if any breeders can help. Please.
  4. Do temporary carers work? Doesn't this set up messes with Charlie's emotions? Isn't it better to part with Charlie, so that she will bond with her new keeper? Charlie and I have really bonded and I can see her depressed when we are apart. Sob Sob!! I really need more advice on this.
  5. Because my husband is retiring, we have planned to travel quite extensively over say a period of at least a year, then will most likely to continue. I think it is unfair for Charlie and her carer that I remain on the scene i.e. they will not bond properly. Big Sigh.
  6. Charlie laid 22 eggs last year. I did panic at first and contacted a vet, but she was fine. She was a bit drained. Me too, I was busy feeding her loads of nutrious food with lots of calcium 3 times a day!
  7. No Charlie laid her 10th and last egg about 8 weeks ago. Poor thing! Her beautiful green colour is on its way back.
  8. I am not certain she is a Panama, but that was our best guess from looking at pictures in reference books. Her colouring in these pictures are not normal because her feathers turn darker during egg laying. I have to say Charlie does look a lot like your one, so you could be right.
  9. Thanks for your advice. I feel like crying already just the thought of handing her over. Me too, I would never visit her new home after she'd gone. Big Sigh!!!!
  10. Charlie is an Amazon Panama and 13 years old. I don't have any family members able to care for her. So far no friends either! Yeah, it would be too unsettling for her if I take her back after months or years apart, plus Charlie's carer wouldn't bother to bond with her unless they can keep her for good. Big Sigh!!!
  11. Can anyone please help me decide what to do for the best. Due to our impending world travel, I have to part with my lovely Charlie and have been told that money buys commitment therefore I should sell her, but I am not sure if that is true, because my priority is simply to find her a new keeper who will genuinely love, care and bond with her as their pet. I guess, unless that person is a friend, it will be difficult for me to know for sure how genuinely they are. I would never forgive myself, if someone takes Charlie off me for free, then sell her. Big Sigh!!!!
  12. Charlie is now on my shoulder, normal and stress free, after sitting constantly on her fake eggs for over 3 weeks! She is not showing signs of more egg laying, so fingers crossed, that's it this time. Yes breeding is really not as easy as we imagine. However I have not giving up hope. I am still reseaching and welcome any assistance plus advice i.e. if anyone know of a possible/suitable mate for Charlie, I like to get in touch. I would never use Charlie for financial gain. I rescued Charlie from a broken home, so she didn't cost me a penny. We had a difficult start because I never had pets before. Now, I love her to bits. Charlie is really affectionate and sweet towards me. I just want to give Charlie what she desires, to be a mummy. Charlie is only 13 years old, in her prime, so I believe she still has many egg laying years left in her young life. Its heart breaking watching her sitting on those fake eggs.
  13. Thanks for everyones advice and concerns. Really appreciate it. The situation is I would really like nature to take its course and find Charlie a mate, because she obivously wants to be a "mother". This has proofed to be really difficult for many reasons as you all know. Last time which was a year ago, when she laid 22 eggs, I was really worried for her health. Charlie was a mess. Her feathers changed colour, she was weak and lost weight, but through my constant attention and careful feeding, she fully recovered, continued being her happy self and regained her fertility again! I did everything that I was told to stop her egg laying, but she's really determined. This time Charlie's laid 7 eggs so far. Each time she leaves her newly laid egg out for me to remove and seem very content to sit on her fake eggs. When I showed Charlie the 7 eggs she laid, her reaction was a bit startled and scared!! She seem to have slowed right down, so maybe the fake eggs are working, but this can lead to another problem, Charlie might get depressed when she realises the eggs won't hatch. Poor thing. I was told, my successful bonding with Charlie has made her think I am her mate because she would stick her bottom in the air and make loud cooing sound everytime she sees me. I would tell her off, ignore her, walk away, but of course that didn't work. I have had Charlie for 3 years and she has never accepted my husband. An avarian vet adviced to give her a hysterectumy, but I think this will kill her instead of the egg laying!! It looks like I have to go along with her, look after her and keep feeding her the right stuff. Please wish us luck?
  14. Yes I do feel sorry for her, particularly Charlie sits on her eggs constantly, hoping for something!
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