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  1. Hi Sarah and welcome from me too and my Ekkie, Rojjo. Aren't they great ...love him to bits!
  2. Hi all, Sorry I have not been around online lately! I have been so busy with work and family and of course Rojjo!! Our new Baby is home!Thaks so much to Kleopatra she has been great, so kind! Rojjo is doing great! Heis fully weaned now,and within a few days did not want the baby food anymore getting cross with the spoon with food on it and making a funny little squeaking noise!! mind you i was a bit scared when he made the noise the first time that there was something wrong but it soon became clear it was just to say NO MORE! He will fly from his cage to me when I call him and after we were away for two days ( my son cared for him which helped with their relationship) he would not leave me alone and just kept flying to me and wanting me to talk to him so he could listen! We introduced the Aviator harness as per the instructions and he seems fine with it, sometimes he will bite it when it is on to try and pull it off! :? But he loves being out in it with us and enjoyed a good afternoon out with us at a family fun event. His flying is great and bumped into the window only a couple of times ,we kept the curtains shut until he learnt his way around our house!Not taking ANY chances this time! Now he has no problem with flying and can get from place to place ie perches , doors cage , my head etc The next stage is to buy a retractable dog lead to add some length to the harness so he can fly wider circles in a bigger space. I have added some more pics to me photobucket so you can look at those to see how we are doing!!
  3. Hi Nikki, So sorry not to have been on. It has been a very difficult time ........... Rojo came home to a VERY excited family and loved his big spacious cage all to himself with a great view of the garden. On the second day he took his first flight across the dinning room and kitchen. He was still asking for baby (parrot)food twice a day and gobbled it down. we were all able to cuddle him and he couldn't get enough of us. his only problem was crashing into the window so we were trying to help him learn safe flying and shutting the curtains to protect him, but on Friday 30st May he took off suddenly in the lounge and despite my sons trying to prevent a crash he flew at the french doors and fell onto a playmobil ship catching his foot in the rigging. He was retrieved and seemed fine but by Sunday morning he was quiet and was not perching evenly seemingly keeping the weight off his right foot . I called Kleo straight away and she gave me John Chitty's number but he was on voicemail. I came off the phone after leaving a message and Rojo was being put on his perch in his cage to be quiet and rest, Big mistake,while we tried the other vet's number. Poor Rojo could not hold on and fell to the bottom of the cage landing on his head! 8O 8O !!We quickly scooped him up but he went into a fit and died :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I have been in too much shock to come on here before now, sorry. I will put some photos up on photobucket tomorrow. I went back to Kleo's at the end of last week to take the travel cage back that she lent me and she invited me to see the other babies. She has two Solomon Island babies one male one female so I decided no parrot at home was too much to bear and am picking up the male on Friday. His name is Rojjo.
  4. Hooray!!! Spoke to Kleo today and she said Rojo is ready to come home!!! So I am picking him up TOMORROW!!! Can't wait.. My daughter screamed so loud with excitement she nearly deafened me!! Finally got the replacement panel to our new Montana cage so we spent an hour or so putting it together mmm fun figuring that one out!! now all we need is for Rojo to move in!
  5. Wow Nikki I can't believe you got your grey from Kleo too! What a coincidence! We had a lovely time with Rojo on Monday and now his 'home day' can't come quick enough!! I've only lived here for 12 years so a relative newcomer really?!
  6. WE went to see him today and he is just gorgeous!! :-) :-) Hopefully only 4 weeks till he comes home .... now to get ready .........mmmm Where did I see that great cage??
  7. INTRODUCING..................... ROJO ............. our baby Red Sided Eclectus!! :arrow: http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh15/FJGold12/April-May08195.jpg Sorry havn't figued how to upload a pic yet!!! :? Check out all the pic on my photobucket http://s252.photobucket.com/albums/hh15/FJGold12/ (edited by moderator to fix link)
  8. Hey Nikki I looked at your photobucket and you and your daughter do look very familiar! When did you move house? Got a feeling our daughters may have played together a couple of times!! small world eh? Got in touch with Kleo and we are going to see our baby on monday! can't wait!! hopefully I will be able to upload some pics then. Watch this space!!
  9. Nop Gillian no photos yet. going to try and contact kleo tomorrow and see when we can meet at her Mum's( it's closer than where she is staying) so will try and upload some then, tho' not had much luck getting my avatar on here yet from my photobucket! (hmmm have to ask my son to help with the technical stuff!) Hey Nikki thats brilliant!! I live in Holyport! I 'd love to meet your 'gang' some time. Gosh just saw the time you posted and you're on here early I'm rushing around getting the kids to school at that time of day! Just managed to kick my eldest son off here now!!:-))
  10. Thanks everyone for the great welcome! Yes Harry's Mummy, Kleo has always got great advice but I am always open to more! Can never have too much info I say! Not decided on a name yet. Have done some research on Indonesian name and have one or to contenders Not sure when he will come home yet as he is only about 8 weeks old at the mo so hopefully 4-6 weeks. Kleo's in a bit of a tight spot home/accommodation wise at the mo So we are still trying to meet up so that we can meet our baby. We did meet a few weeks ago when we were going to have the hen baby but on advice decided to have the male that was at her mum's at that time. So it's a difficult wait for us and SOOO hard to be patient Still guess the time will soon pass.............
  11. Hi all. Joined about a week ago so I thought I had better introduce myself! I Have had a cockatiel and then a BH Caique for 12 years . He tragically died last November. So I am currently birdless but I am getting a baby Eclectus from Kleopatra when he is a little older and weaned. Sooo excited . The day can't come quick enough when we can bring him home!! anyo9ne who wants to offer any advice please feel free
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