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  1. I have just moved back in with my parents for 2 months with Rio (yellow sided GC conure) and Rio is now in the conservatory. It is heated for when it gets cold but i have had a fan and windows open during the day to cool it down but when I open the door a wasp always seems to come in 5 minutes later. I have been getting them straight out and closing the door again but it would be nice to be able to let more fresh air through whilst he is in his cage. I just wondered if i did leave it open and on the very off chance he got stung is it serious and do wasps tend to bother birds at all?? I would put mesh up but as staying here isonle tempory i dont think my parents would appreciate me dIYing the conservatory into a Rio room .
  2. Yeh Rio is a conure. We tried to take a photo before I posted but he is to interested in the camera to hold his head still for long enough, so every photo is blurry I thought it was normal it just look like the way you can split the first layer of a bit of nail before it breaks off. I just wanted to check with everyone I will keep a close eye on it over the next few days but he is behaving completly normal so it cant be bothering him. I will have a read through those topics now aswell Thankyou for you help.
  3. When Rio came out tonight we have noticed he must have rubbed the tip of his beak and it has shaved the top layer off and has left a litle bit/layer that is split still attatched is this normal for birds to do?
  4. He is back each morning again but as soon as he spots me he flies off. I dont think I am going to have much look in getting a good look at his feathers or if he is a raven or crow
  5. Thankyou, If I will have a closer look tomorrow morning (fingers crossed) he did look quite bad that was looking up at him so hopefully if i can get a closer look it may just be a feather condition and not plucking, if he was hand reared he may not migrate with the others??
  6. The vidoe was fantastic caron-j, I will have to see if he comes back. It would be alot easier to befriend him if I could access the upstair windows but its unoccupied at the minute. I will wait to see if he comes back tomorrow and try and get some pics/videos of him. He does sound like cozy on that video too. I know I have asked before but does anyone have any ideas why he would have plucked himself?
  7. Dont know if this will work but I had a look on this website- http://www.shades-of-night.com/aviary/difs.html and listened to the different calls and it sounds more like a raven than the crow.
  8. Well I have been putting cat food out for him for the last few days, But since then he hasn't returned. I told one of the neighbours about him who lives at the back. ( we have a communal back garden but I have no windows looking out onto it.) She said that she has seen him too, banging on the back windows upstairs on an afternoon. It could be a crow?? I am unsur of the difference I will see if i can get a pic if he comes back Its nice to know i am not alone.
  9. Well I put the cat food out, sure enough he arrived at the window at 5 this morning. I had put the food next to my window but he didn't go for it, he saw me watching him out of the window looked at me for abit then flew off . I will try to again tomorrow morning, anyone has any suggestions why he might have plucked??
  10. I have been and bought some cat food for him, and will put it out later as i dont want anything else eating it first
  11. I will see if I can leave something out for him ready for tomorrow. Thankyou for the advice, I had put seed out for him the other day which he refused ( I now understand why) I will let you know how I get on. Thanx again, oh and would you think the plucking is down to being left behind? does this occur in the wild to or just HR birds?
  12. Every morning for the last 10 days or so i have heard banging on the windows upstairs (I live in flats but the one above me is empty) I managed to catch what it was making the noise, Its a huge raven on the window ledge tapping on the glass. only thing is his whole body is plucked, except his wings and tail. I can't understand why he comes back each morning and i really wouldn't mind but is at 5 in the morning or before each day. I tried putting some seed on the wall below so he could see it but he hasn't touched it. The only possibility is that the flats were originally a care home and i wonder if one of the residents used to put seed out on the windowsill but i have no access to it to do the same Any advice is welcome?
  13. Hi and welcome! I am fairly new here too, I live in Stockton so not far from you I am sure someone will be along soon with advice.
  14. It looked like one of my hairs when we got it off and when he is out he likes to snuggle up on my shoulder so i think he has been playing with my hair and done it then so i will just have to be extra careful from now on.
  15. Oh and his uncle said any other problems just take him straight round. Apparantly when he goes to the town if he see's a pigion that has things caught on its foot he will catch it and get it off for them then release it
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