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  1. Just reading this for the first time, laughing lots here! Firstly, I have never attempted to bury the fact that having Po here with me, once he and Henry became so strongly bonded, had become a totally untenable situation, so your theory of any correspondence coming back to 'bite me' is as ridiculous as you yourself are. In fact, I posted about whole situation with myself and Po quite openly on a fair few parrot forums, as well as on Facebook, so stop being such a silly man, Ian, by intimating I am responsible for some kind of cover-up As for Michelle's part in this, I am well aware of the truth of how Po ended up with Suzanne Weir (I didn't say he was with June, I said I had seen him in Suzanne's flat when I went there to collect Henry, when I also saw Mollie), so your attempts at besmirching Michelle's character are futile. If Michelle herself wishes to post to expand on this, I'm sure she will do, but the truth of the matter will be fully disclosed to the solicitor on Tuesday. Ian, please, stop worrying your pretty little head about things which don't concern you, you'll give yourself an ulcer! Now then, what/who is this 'Jeremy Kyle' of which/whom you speak with such authority? I'm sorry, it's not a person/organisation with which I'm familiar but from your post I'm assuming you are If any parrot owners on this forum are contemplating telling either myself, Caron or Lea to 'just drop this/let it rest/move on', please, before you post, first imagine this is YOUR parrot being discussed and that it is YOU being met with a wall of silence (other than from that funny little Ian person) regarding the whereabouts and welfare of YOUR bird.
  2. Pippy

    So sorry, Pip. RIP Henry

    Thank you. It was an honour and a pleasure to have shared my life with Henry, if only for a relatively short time. I loved him very, very much. Please can you post a link to the advert (if it's available online), or save the image and post the photo? I'm curious to see if there are any similarities between what this bird has and what Henry had.
  3. Suzanne Weir. Just so you are aware, I have an appointment to see a solicitor on Tuesday afternoon, regarding Po, the Congo African Grey parrot. I know that Michelle Evans, the legal owner of Po and on behalf of whom I am acting (at Michelle's request), has left a message asking you to contact her as a matter of urgency and I know that you, several days later, have failed to return her call. Before any legal proceedings can begin, Michelle is obliged to endeavour to make contact with you to resolve the situation; this she has done, to no avail. We are now in a position to be able to move on to taking proceedings to ensure Po is returned to his legal owner. Please bear in mind that neither you, June or Parrotcare are Po's legal owner. Michelle Evans was, and remains, Po's legal owner. It is a shame we are having to use this method by which to converse with you, but this is as a direct consequence of you repeatedly refusing to acknowledge any other form of communication.
  4. Pippy

    So sorry, Pip. RIP Henry

    Untitled by pip aka flipflop, on Flickr
  5. My personal aim is to get Po out of there (wherever 'there' may be...where IS HE, SUE???) and to find him a home, seeing as June has taken it upon herself to refuse to allow him to go to one, despite the fact he is NOT a Parrotcare bird. I most certainly will go down the route of taking legal action, on the grounds of legal ownership, nothing to do with the AWA. A letter from Po's legal owner is on it's way and I have more than enough funds to take this further. As for my legal advice coming from a 'back room barrister', erm, no, it was from a practising barrister
  6. Pippy

    So sorry, Pip. RIP Henry

    Thank you, Fuzz.
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    Saw my first Swallow of the year while visiting Raystede this afternoon, saw a pair of them and they looked to have just arrived First Swallow of the year! by pip aka flipflop, on Flickr
  8. And so it goes on. When, WHEN will the idiots who continue to believe no wrongdoings have occurred, open their bloody eyes?
  9. There's only one person with whom you should be 'appalled'. Sadly, you seem a little confused as to whom that person is.
  10. Ah, thanks for clarifying that, Caron! I know what I saw and also know June was aware of the situation, but couldn't remember the exact role of the person involved, other than that they were right at the heart of the charity. I hope Mollie is in a better way now
  11. I'd hardly call 2 questions interrogating. Glad you have nothing to hide! Nevertheless, I'm making it crystal clear to you, that you will find no holes in the information I have posted. So you just carry on defending wilful neglect if it makes you happy.
  12. You may keep interrogating me as much as you wish, I've nothing to hide.
  13. No, why would I when she was fully aware of and had witnessed the situation?