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  1. I have two African Greys who we love lots, my problem is getting them to go back in the cage after being left out to play,when they are in the cage they are no problem they settle as soon as we get them back in i'ts getting them in lol. So if anyone can give me some advice would be most welcome thanks
  2. Hi Tammy I also know how you feel I lost my Alex in feb of this year and I still live in hope of finding him, we now have two new baby CAGs who are just brill but I still live in hope of finding Alex,we are in the Kent area so I dont think the one found is my Alex. I hope the one found will be reunited with his owners and he makes a good recovery
  3. we have now introduced Jack and Jill (our new baby CAGs) to our two budgies and Jack sits by their cage and makes a gentle cooing sound can anyone tell me if this is Jack making friends with them,Jill just sits and watches them.
  4. Jack & Jill are doing real good,the above pic is when they had just had their shower,Jill loves the shower but Jack is not to sure,they are both eating well and keeping us very much on our toes
  5. having fun with dad when he coms home from work
  6. playing just before we go back into the cage for bed
  7. I will up date pics today,they are doing great,they are taking up most of my spare time so not haf time to update
  8. you can see the red in this pic i have highlightend so you can see it better
  9. Yes they are with me now they are 13 weeks,we got them last Friday
  10. It is easy to tell them apart because Jack is larger and also has alot of red, his wings have a very nice burgandy colour going through them and he has some red on his front
  11. I am over the moon with them,there is a query you may help me with Jack scratches the bottom of the cage alot is there a reason for this
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