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  1. Yes Monty used to come out on Mum's hand every evening - but my Dad disliked it and HE used to leave the room while Monty was out....! since we lost Mum Monty is not allowed out (I have had him out a couple of times when my dad was away) Monty still seems quite cheerful mostly as I try to ensure he gets a fair bit of attention from me, but my Dad is not really that 'pet friendly' in truth so there are occasions Monty must get lonely when in Dad's room.... it's the early morning 'bad temper' that I find odd - even if he's stood on one leg he seems 'grumpy' at first....then cheers up within the hour (I do wonder if it's an 'act' he is putting on...?) any suggestions welcome ! (Thanks)
  2. just re-logged in again after getting a 'prompt' email - sorry been away but events overtook me we have a lovely friendly Senegal named 'Mr.Monty' aged 8 now (we got him five years ago after our dear Senegal 'Ozzie' flew to the great avery in the sky aged 42 !! after we had him for 36 great years...) 'Monty (or 'Mister Monty' as I call him - like our old Budgie 'Mr.Percy' of the seventies) was particularly close to my mother who he 'bonded with' (as Percy, Ozzie all did...) Sadly my Mum passed away in May 2011 since then me & my Dad have been together & I look after Monty - he 'bonded' with me but it's a bit awkward now as Dad & I live in differing rooms - Mum always was company for Monty & now i have him in with me most days & then he goes back (in his cage) into Dad's room for the evenings (he 'settles' about 8pm so we try to never move his cage later than that) He's a bit 'moodier' now - partly through less attention since we lost my mum but also due to his age - Ozzie went through his 'teenage years of being 'moody' too I recall when he was around that age....as most humans do too !....Ozzie later grew up and was a very consistantly 'laid back' happy soul for the rest of his life, so partly it's down to his age & partly as Monty gets less attention than he did when mum was with us (my Dad who is 81 falls asleep alot in the evenings thus the poor lad must get lonely) My health is not that good thus I too tend to doze off and can't keep chatting to him like I wish too Mum used to let Monty (& Ozzie befoe him) out of the cage buy neither dad or I are up to that - so the poor chap while generally happy & cheerful is (like us !) suffering from having lost my mother in the house - one thing he did was gnaw his wooden perches (boredom) - we got him extra touys & few strong wooden blocks on chains parrot toys which he loves gnawing at plus i get him 'seed bells' he love crushing to bits...! so we ARE doing as much as we can to keep him cheerful & he has learned to say a few more words - 'Hiya'...'aye aye' 'thank you' besides 'hello' mum taught him (Senegals are not great talkers but Ozzie said a few words & so does Monty) Anyone any ideas of what else we might do for 'Mr.Monty' - who is overall quite happy but does get a bit bored, moody, and of late seems to have 'early morning bad temper' - snapping at me first thing...tho' he cheers up after about an hour i know Senegals can 'put on an act' of bad temper (Oz & Mont both !!) - he'll be all grumpy....sat on one leg & expect you to stroke his head the next minute...! the real issues here are 'teenage agnst' (as in those old songs by The Who etc !) and missing my late Mum (which we share with him...!)
  3. If you remember my story re our beloved senegal OZZIE who passed away last february aged 42 years !....and then the arrival of his youthful successor MONTY ! ..... We have now had young Monty for coming up six months....! (Boy that's gone fast...!) Monty is just turned two years old (his previous owners had returned him to the pet shop as they were apparently going abroad, which may be true...or a "Standard line" re pets, whatever, it was ideal for us..) Well after nearly six months...our young Monty has spoken up at last ! Monty says: "Hello"....true it resembles Donald Duck at the moment...but it IS speech ! Our Dear old Ozzie spoke with the CLEAR TONES of Laurence Olivier or Richard Burton...."HEL-LO" and "Hi YAR" he would commandly announce in resonant tones clear as a bell.... but he probably also years ago had began as a "Donald Duck Soundalike" too no doubt....! So Monty has now begun speaking....and it sounds like a few other "Mutterings" he makes are probably choice words in the pipeline too..... :shock: Monty began with just the normal Senegal screech...plus a few "Budgie impersonations"....possibly picked up in the pet shop....but then he started to utter a "Throaty" noise....which has evloved into a "Quacked" out "Hello !" i will keep you posted as to Monty's development vocally....
  4. One curious thing.....and bearing in mind that we NEVER saw Ozzie's "Early years"....is that young Monty loves "Dunking" things in his water.... give him a biscuit...in it goes....even when he chews up a cardboard loo roll centre....he will duly put it into his water dish ! We keep having to give him fresh water !! ...plus he loves to "Scoop out" his seed dish....tho' he DOES go down and eat up what he scoops out later.... Anyone have any ideas why he does this....? ...is it sheer youthful mischief...like very young kids love to throw food about etc....? Monty seems to be very happy....he whizzes all over the cage leaping from perch to perch....climbing about upside down...and leaping from perch to his new swing....then back ! - can't believe we have had him over THREE MONTHS now....! Any advice much appreciated !!
  5. Monty's progress..... Just to let you all know.... Monty has been with us for NINE weeks now....Gosh hasn't it gone fast !! :shock: We are trying to teach him to talk - anyone know how long Senegal Parrots take to learn ? (Our dear Ozzie was already saying "Hello" when we got him aged six back in January 1972) Monty imitates BUDGIE'S....!!!! - he makes endless Budgie chirps & squakes....talk about ever chatty ! He does a few senegal screeches....the "pencil on slate" sound they make - but 99% of the time he's sounding like our old Budgie "Mister Percy" - so oddly not only does it seem like monty has taken over from Ozzie...but he's brought back our Mr.Percy from 1973 in a way too.....!!! Monty is ultra playful....he leaps about...FLYS from cage floor to top perch (our sedate elderly Ozzie used to climb slowly in a dignified manner in his last 15 years)....Monty "Attacks" his various bells...swinging from one to the other...like Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan !!! He likes a biscuit....indeed "Rings for service" (as Ozzie always did)....and he likes to lean backwards on his bell chain....turn and have a quick drink out of his water dish ! We let him out normally in the evenings... (always making SURE all doors & windows shut)....he loops the loop and Dive bombs people ! (Ozzie used flying only as a last resort...IF he could not walk there ! - he considered it a vulgar way to travel !!) - the younger Monty is only to glad to whizz about the room....ah that's Youth for you....!!! Monty will bshortly be two years old this month....he IS making the odd "gutteral mutterings" (probably profanity !!)....which may well be the beginnings of speech.... I will keep you all posted on Monty's progress...!
  6. yes welcome to this superb forum for Parrots and their servants !
  7. welcome aboard...this is a lovely forum...!
  8. Thanks folks ! - Monty is now well settled in....and talk about being a "Chip off the old Block"....! Monty already is putting his head down for a "head polish" when we put our hands into the cage...something our Ozzie always enjoyed....talk about Deja Vu...!!! ...he is enjoying playing about with a few toys we had for him...plus "Ringing his bell for Service" when he wants a nut or some fruit... just as Our dear Ozzie always did too....! it is noticable how "Chirpy" and totally "full of beans" he is....ah , the sheer energy of youth ! Ozzie had of course become an Elderly gentleman over the many years...set in his ways and Dignified....where as Monty is full of adventure....and eager to explore his new cage...he flys up from the cage floor to a top perch (Ozzie would have sedately walked up....)....we are seeing here the part of Ozzie's life we never saw....his childhood ! Monty also rather reminds us of Ozzie's old "Partner in Mischief" our dear old Budgie "Mister Percy" (as he called himself !) whom we had up until 1973...talk about non stop chirping away all day long....! (That does take me back....) Ozzie was six...and had been frankly, very badly mistreated (through sheer neglect) ... when we first got him...Luckily we saved him, but of course he was an adult bird by that time....so we never saw his "early years"..... ....however now, with young Monty, it's uncanny but it's a case of us now getting that important early part of a senegal parrots life we missed out on with Oz back in the seventies....while the overall attitude and personality seems to be so very similar between Ozzie and his successor Monty.. It will now be interesting to see if we can get young Master Monty follow in Ozzie's illustrious clawsteps....and learn to speak too....!
  9. Thanks folks ! - I honestly DON'T know how to post pics on a computer ( I have not had a computer that long) I will see if my sister or her lads (all grown men !) can do it for me on their computers....will advise !
  10. We are pleased to Formally introduce Our dear Ozzie's Successor....MONTY !! Aged just under Two (his second birthday will be this June) Monty is a Splendid Green & Yellow Senegal Parrot with a light grey head.... Exactly the SAME colours as his illustrious predecessor..... Monty is currently "Settling in"...having just tucked into Half an Apple (!) ....and is "Testing out" his bell and has already been seen "standing confidently on One leg" I will shortly "formally introduce him" (we have impeccable manners !) to our Pet Tortoise Toby....when old Tobe finally decides he's "Had enough" for one day and comes back in from the garden....where he is currently basking in the late afternoon sunshine... Well if young Monty does anywhere near as well as Dear old Oz....he'll be outliving me...! :shock: Must dash now....Monty is "Ringing for Service" (Looks like MY "Training" has commenced already....!!!)
  11. We HAVE decided that Ozzie WILL in due course have a Successor..... ....so we will soon start looking for a Baby Senegal parrot to take up the vacant "Official" post of "Family Pet Parrot" ! - these fellows become such an important part of your life don't they....? And....IF the "Successor" Parrot gets to Ozzie's age....HE will be Posting MY Memorial !!!!
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