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  1. I'm so glad she has come home, you will have to remember to keep all those windows and doors shut when you move, we all know how hectic it is when were moving.
  2. I dont know what you are feeding the chick, but if you are using something along the lines of kaytee exact then just use a much more watered down mix and then over a period of a few days start to gradually make the mix thicker, the feed at this age should be approx every 2 hours. hope this helps.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear you lost little binny, you did your best for him xx bushidoninja.... thats a nice poem...
  4. hello angel. sorry to hear the little fella is still having problems, its dissheartening seeing them so miserable. I found this article for you on cockatiels, it has a good bit on handrearing and crop slow down, I hope its ok to put it here for angel to read. http://www.cockatielcottage.net/breeding2.html
  5. Hi angela, how's the the little fella doing? I dont really like giving out advice as its been a good few years since I hand reared anything, and I'm probably out of touch with everything now :? BUT... at one time I was hand rearing 12 baby cockatiels, 1 of them was from an egg that was abandoned, out of all the babies it was the 1 that I reared from an egg that seemed to suffer all the problems, it kept suffering crop slow down, it was never as perky as the other 11 chicks, and it took untill it was 19 weeks before it was weened properly, it was never a bubbly chick and remained quiet and subdued, even when I found it a good home to go to. I hope I'm not scare mongering you, and this is not my intention, but I think it might be an idea to keep more of a close eye on this chick. although I'm certain you are. Tony.
  6. fingers and everything else are crossed for you, and the little fella.
  7. Hi harlequin, sorry for the late reply but I have taken the box away at 10am thismorning, it was something I was wanting to do but was'nt sure why she was still using it, niether of them seemed happy about it at 1st, but they have both calmed throughout the day, and I'm in the process of turning my 10ft x 7ft aviary into a 22ft x 7ft aviary, so hopefully this will suit them fine. only question is....what wire I should be using, as the aviary had 14 gauge and ive now stripped all this away, the only wire i have available is approx 10 gauge but its the stuff that has 2inch square gaps, it was used on my ducorps aviary without problems but i'm not sure it would be suitable for the eclectus, and sadly I cant get a new roll untill the end of the month.
  8. if it were me angel, I would be tempted to feed a more liquid feed over the next couple of days and see how it goes, you dont want the chick becoming weak. ive handreared many a cockatiel and to be honest, in my oppinion, there the worst for crop slowdown!!!
  9. hello jebirds and thanks for the quick reply. I have absolutaly no problems with splitting them up and to be honest with you I am not in any hurry to breed the birds, I would be more than happy to put the birds into an aviary and just enjoy the summer watching them and building up there strength, and hopefully watching there feathers come back. Ive spent the last couple of days destroying my garden inorder to build some fresh new aviaries, but Its something I'm wishing to do properly so its not going to happen over night, I'm also hoping to put all 4 birds into a flight together (without boxes) and see who takes a liking to who. and with regards to breeding and raising kids up a tree, I would much prefere to do neither thank you LOL.
  10. morning all, can anyone advice me..... The egg is no more but the hen is still sitting tight in the box, and only coming out a couple of times a day to feed, he is still going in, now I cant be certain but its possible he is feeding her inside the box. see I would like to remove the nest box, take the opportunity to fit some castors I have got to fit the cage (as this cage never came with any) and give the floor a good clean where the cage has been sitting. but I dont want to move her incase there is a reason she's still in there, in past experiences with smaller birds, the hen has always abandoned the box when the eggs or chicks have been removed, sorry for waffling on.
  11. have you tried looking at the nova, you can get a single or a double, ample big enough for a macaw and they seem strong, the shop I bought mine has a b+g macaw in one and it has stood the test of time, I now have one to house 2 eclectus, hope you have plenty of space though as I have had to sacrifice my front door inorder to fit it in.
  12. Thanks caron, I'm suprised it never happened sooner, either this cock is inexperienced or he's just a nasty piece of work, he's just knocked her down to the bottom of the cage, "again". I'm tempted to put this young 06 hen with him, I think she would give him what for???
  13. well bad news, just went to check on the egg and it has been smashed, I think I will remove the box for a while, give them a chance to go and enjoy the great outdoors, and then put an L shaped box, or one as described by david. I may even swap the cock birds around and see if the other cock proves to be a better parent.
  14. Thanks alan, I was convinced myself that she was'nt going to lay another egg, but more than happy with the one she has laid. I think this cock may be inexperienced as he's not showing the normal behaviour that I came to expect from breeding my parakeets, she is not sitting tight as you would expect as she is leaving the box to feed herself, which makes me think he is not feeding her?? and when I have noticed her begging him for food and tapping his beak, he just growls at her and sends her packing. he still insists on giving her grief when she wants to enter the box, but the aggression has calmed to almost nothing, just a lot of noise and a game of cat and mouse.
  15. an update... I checked and candled the one egg, and although I could not keep the egg out too long, I could see a trace of blood inside the egg, I will root out my torch and check it better next time..... although I was used to candling eggs etc, it has been a good 2 or 3 years since I last did it, I would assume that blood etc is a sign of a fertile egg??? also, is it usual for eclectus to lay only 1 egg, or can I expect another?? thanks.
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