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  1. I am in Lancashire - Wigan - not sure if any help - but will keep a look out just in case. Hope she is found soon xx
  2. I am so sorry to hear about Willow - I really really hope you find her soon. Hugs and more hugs.
  3. Just added a couple of better photos of him in photobucket and a few more of my family in Barcelona xx
  4. It is his 5th Day at home today - he is coming on brill - a real character. He is soooo loveable - a pleasure to be owned by him.
  5. I have just re-homed a rescue cat from Cat Protection League. His owner died and when me and my Daughter Jade went to see their cats we both fell in love with him. He is so friendly and a bit nervous - but he is getting more and more cheecky by the day. My other cat Lucy is really sulking at the moment - she wont even come in the house at the moment - like a spolied child - lol. Isn't he cute? Cant get a picture on at the moment - see this link and he is on this website as re-homed - to meeeeeee ! http://www.athertonwigan.cats.org.uk/index.asp?m=gallery&id=3&p=1
  6. my friend had a Macaw called Derek - he sadly died last year - Derek was a star !
  7. Took Lucy to the vet tonight. The vet said it was just part of her windpipe I could feel - lol . She said she is very healthy, 3.75kg in weight, and her ears inside are one of the cleanest she has ever seen (baby wipes always come in handy). While she was there I had her wormed and injection for fleas too. I am a happy Mummy now. Thanks everyone - just thought I would let you all know. xxxxxxx
  8. Thanks Angel44 There are no breaks in the skin at all. And it feels like an adams apple feels, it is quite hard. Wierd. I will keep my eye on it for a few days and if I still can feel it will take her to the vets just to be sure - she could probably do with an MOT anyway. Thanks If you do find you cats and feel one - please let me know :-)
  9. HI This might be nothing, but when Lucy was on my lap last night, as she is most nights, I was stroking her under her chin as she loves, and noticed a lump under there. It feels like an adams apple and it is where it would be on a person (if you can imagine this wierd description). She is well and eating and not ill at all. No weight loss. She is 3 yrs old and very healthy. Is this ball/lump meant to be here (cant believe I have never felt it before). Any help appreciated. :cry:
  10. I also am with Golden Valley too - fingers crossed newver used them yet
  11. They dont really bite alot, but just the odd time on my neck where I cant see them - little monkeys. I will try and have a toy at the ready. They are very funny and cute tho. I have to change their water about 2 - 3 times a day as they like to bathe in it. If i put a bowl of water there for them -they prefer their water dish for drinking - lol. Typical.
  12. she looks so funny when she does it. I think you may be right and she is asking to come out - lol. It really makes me laugh. When she comes out and goes on my shoulder she nearly always bites my neck and it hurts - but she is very tame. Dont know why she does this because she is very tame. Also - how do you get conures to lie on their backs for you - like so many you see in photos - I want my two to do this. I have a dna confirmed female (stewie - we thought she was a boy lol) and the other Lescot - think he is a boy, well hope he is as they are very loveable to each other - lol. Maybe have babies in a year or so. Any replies to this would be helpful thanks I am still learning things with these 2, but loving it - they are so funny at times.
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