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  1. maybe the Benifits office needs to know about there "Charity" that sells Birds at a rather large price
  2. Same mobile number (Little Als Mum edited out mobile number) as Macaw Rescue, chipmunk Rescue my family need a 4 bed house / bungalow in ipswich / kesgrave, i am on disibility benifits so the rent will be paid on time every time, must take pets and have a garden, please contact me if you can help, good friendly family, dont judge us just because we are on benifits
  3. Rubytoo, regards for your post, i should of acted quicker, i certainly will next time thanks all
  4. Hello everyone not been on for a while (thanks to virgin media), but great sadness decended on my home this morning, to cut a long story short a Cat managed to get hold on Dylon last night when the kids where in bed and i was having a shower, (we don't allow any cats in the house all windows and doors are shut when he was out of cage but neighbor has about 15) Dylon managed to get hold of his ear and fought him of, he was quiet all last night so thought best thing was is to cover his cage and let him sleep it off, i got up a 3am this morning to check and sadly found him pass away at the bottom of his cage, the shock must of set in when we went to bed So today we and the kids buried him with his favourate toy Sad i know, Now to keep the kids happy i have told them to look through a book i had of parrots and choose a new one, they picked a Quaker Parrot, i was just wondering if anyone has any, if they could give me a bit of advise on wether they are good with kids ect..... thanks Martin
  5. im still here girlfriend has come back legless haha feeling sorry for her self hugging the tolets
  6. any one know of any good game website as the missus has gone for a night out the kids are panned out on the sette and the parrots' gone to bed PLEASE HELP
  7. well cant sleep, so i thought i'd come on the pc to dream about owning a scarlet macaw, came across this don't know how to report it http://www.adoos.co.uk/post/246942
  8. i know im going of the topic a bit but do you think anyone sould give a macaw to this advert http://pets.uk.freeads.net/birds/parrots/+MACAW+wanted+RED+colour+prefered%2Ccheap+as+poss-569691.htm
  9. thanks for the links girlfriend shouting at me to get of the pc and get to bed 'start my new job tomorrow' so doesnt want me to be tired hehehe will read them tomorrow thanks
  10. can you give me some more information please
  11. how can something so small poo so much, ive just put my 5 t-shirt and 2nd pair of jean on hehe 4 times ive had to wipe poop off my computer screen, its all fun tho
  12. hehe my fingers are sore now think the plant sprayer is going to be the best idea, he has just let me stroke him for a few seconds then tryed to rip my fingers apart thanks guys
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