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  1. https://www.feedem.co.uk/small-animal-c129/small-animal-bedding-c163/wood-c166/versele-laga-natural-dried-purified-wood-chip-reptile-bedding-no6-5kg-p19862
  2. My lot get a bit of everything! Good clean seed mix... Tidymix and Versele Laga tropical mix. Pellets, Nuts, Pulses, Homemade bird bread recipes and lots of fresh fruit and veg every day.
  3. Very sad news. I know he was devastated by the loss of his wife and wasn't in good health recently. RIP JH :(
  4. caron-j

    Home needed for female Vos - Urgent

    Very understandable - no one wants to be bitten and Eclectus beaks can hurt a lot! I can also empathise with how sad it must make you feel having to keep her in her cage to avoid the attacks. I know of a few people who have had great success with a supplement called R-Leaves for hormonal birds. http://www.meadowsah.com/home/rleaves.html It might be worth trying. Camomile tea is also known for it's calming effect and is perfectly safe to offer. I really do hope you have some improvement with Lola's behaviour and can manage to keep her as that would obviously be the happiest outcome for all of you. Please do keep me posted on how you are getting along and don't hesitate to get in touch with me if I can offer any more help. My charity is Wings of Hope Bird Sanctuary and we are based in North Yorkshire.
  5. caron-j

    Home needed for female Vos - Urgent

    Hi Diane, sorry to hear you're having problems with Lola. It's obviously very upsetting when a formerly gentle bird appears to have turned into a flying Rottweiler and is attacking you and your husband for seemingly no reason. Wild female Eclectus are the dominant one of a pair and in the wild can spend up to eight months nesting and protecting the site. Most female companion Eclectus will go through an aggressive stage as they become sexually mature and become protective of the "nest area" which includes their cage With consistent love and guidance from the owner, this stage does pass and the female Eclectus will revert to a loving companion. There are steps you can take to minimise this and there are forums such as Land of Vos dedicated to all things Eclectus and also Facebook groups with the same purpose. I'm attaching a link here which you might find useful to read through and perhaps try some of the suggestions for dealing with Lola's aggression. Hopefully, if it can be rectified or lessened you might be able to reconsider having to rehome her. http://eclectusparrots.net/aggression.html
  6. Hi Max's Mum. I'm in North Yorkshire and happy to help if you'd like me to. I have many years experience with lots of different species and have a large flock here, including a couple of Greys and a Senegal, although I keep holiday boarders separately from the permanent residents.
  7. Did you manage to get in touch with Jay? I know him but unfortunately, don't have his phone number. I can email him or try to contact him on FB for you, (think he was logged on yesterday) if you'd like me to?
  8. Walters Mum. I'm pretty certain that Walter was not among the birds seized by the RSPCA. I will ask a few people and see if I can find out where and how he is. How long ago did you hand him over to June Edwards?
  9. I'm pleased to see these cockatiels have ended up in safe hands and receiving the medical attention they need and deserve. Without wishing to further sidetrack the thread, I would just like to say that vilifying the RSPCA as a whole and everyone who works within it, is a gross and unfair generalisation. I have personally had good and bad experience with the RSPCA, so can empathise with others who have suffered the frustrations that can arise when dealing with the organisation. However, I also know of some very genuine and caring people who work for them, who regularly go above and beyond, to do what they can to help and make a difference, in their own time as well as during working hours. Dennisjerseybean is one of them, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in referring anyone with animal welfare related problems to him.
  10. caron-j

    Untitled Album

  11. I've been collecting small Rowan (Mountain Ash) branches with the leaves and berries from trees around my partner's garden. A quick wash down and hung in the play aviaries the Parrots are loving them and seem to relish the berries.
  12. As I understand, one of the main concerns with the Parrotcare birds was the lack of provision of professional veterinary treatment. If the figures on the charity commission website, which quote the NPZ annual expenditure on veterinary treatments, are anything to go by, then the situation for the birds there is pretty much the same. Of course, IF, the Parrotcare birds are at the NPZ, I would like to hope that the RSPCA saw that they received any necessary attention. However, as for the rest of the inmates...
  13. I've heard the rumours too, MMM and sincerely hope, with all my heart, they are untrue. Of course, the management of the NPZ have capitalised on the whispers, neither confirming or denying, but dropping hints that it 'might' be true. I do know that someone has visited recently and reported that none of June's birds who were particularly distinguishable, appeared to be on view. However, this of course doesn't dismiss the possibility that they could be there, and away from public areas.