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  1. I just thought I would add a quick update...things have taken a turn for the worse with Bailey. He no longer wants to be anywhere near me at all, he will no longer tolerate head scratches from me. If I go anywhere near him, he goes back into his cage. I think I am fighting a losing battle here and I think possibly the best thing now for Bailey, is to find him a new home where he will have full time interaction from a man Thanks for everyones help....a very heartbroken Han
  2. And you are very right Greg, they are very volatile! But I wouldn't change him for the world
  3. Hi everyone Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I don't get on the computer much unless I am at work and although I have been reading everything on my phone, it is just too tiny to write a proper reply on! I see what you mean now Greg. Bailey was hand reared by a man and woman but I think the man did most of the rearing. I guess this is what has caused the problem as it only began as Bailey reached 2-3 years of age. Things have been rather more sucessful with Bailey. I have taken things right back to the start with him and am trying to build a relationship between him and I again. Basically, if I am on my own with Bailey, I don't let him step up on to me. I open his door and let him come out and go back in as he chooses. I will give him a head scratch...I can do this without getting bitten! But if I let him step up on to me, as soon as I try and get him to step off me again and on to a perch of any kind, he will bite me. So I am breaking the biting habit by not letting him on me when I am on my own. If Dave is with me, Bailey will happily step from me to Dave. So when Dave is with me, I will let Bailey step on to me, give him a head scratch etc. But Dave is always the one to get him to step up on to his perch again. We have been trying this routine out for the last week (well since I last posted!) and so far so good. I have NOT been bitten since!!! I have discovered that Bailey will bite me if I ask him to step up on to anything at all, unless it is Dave. He will do practically anything for Dave lol so I am now going to try and see if he will step up on to a hand held perch from his cage and back again. I just wanted to test the theory of not using my hand at all for a week or so. And it seems to be working!! On Sunday, Dave had hold of Bailey. I took Bailey from him for a head scratch (he came to me happily) and then he went back to Dave again who put him on his play perch. All without me being bitten! So if my ramblings have made sense, I think I have a good plan of action going on here I think I need to accept that he doesn't like being on my hands. But that's fine, I don't need to hold him to give him love and attention! I can still head scritch him and can now start with the hand held perch and chop stick training Does this seem like a good plan? Has anyone got anything else to add to this? I cannot thank everyone enough for all your help and advice!
  4. Hi Greg As much as that it is how it seems, I would be inclined to disagree. Dave and I have only been together for 9 months. This problem with Bailey has been going on for twice that time from a time when the only human he had regular contact with was myself. My ex didn't handle him so I really don't think it is that at all
  5. I'm only adding a very quick reply now Fuzz because I am away from a computer again and using my phone, I can't scroll back to look at what you have written! Bailey doesn't bite me any more or less whether Dave is there or not, he still won't allow me to put him anywhere near his cage without biting me. I probably did wrong by doing this BUT today he would not go back in to his cage without biting me no matter what I tried. He doesn't lean away from his cage, or lift any feathers, he just gets straight into biting me. Today, he had his out of cage time with both Dave and I. I was bitten a few times but nothing too horrendous. He was with Dave and Dave took him to his cage and put him on his perch, he sat there for a while and then climbed around the outside of his cage for a bit before going back into his cage by himself and eating some seed etc. We left the cage door open and he just stayed in there. I sorted out his water and a couple other bits and asked him if he would like to come out again. He did for a bit, I showed him his new play area which he is a little unsure of at the moment so I didn't push it. Anyway, when it was time for him to go back into his cage, no matter what I did, he bit me. Any time that I took him near his perch, he bit me. But thinking back over what you have said about me reinforcing negative behaviour by taking him away from his cage/perch whenever he bit me etc I decided that I wasn't going to let him get away with it. I held him in front of his perch and let him bite me over and over again. After a few minutes, he got bored of biting me and jumped on his perch and started swinging around like a nutter. I have probably done wrong by doing that but that is the first time in a very long time that I have got him to go back in his cage without bribing him!
  6. Sorry it's taken me a while to reply. I haven't been near a computer and my phone is a little too small to reply on here with! I've had another fairly unsuccessful (and painful!!) out of cage time with Bailey today. I opened his cage door and he came over to it and stepped up on to my hand very happily and calmly. I'm trying to work out what to use as his 'reward' so I got some shelled sunflower seeds today thinking he may love one of them. He wasn't really interested at all lol But he stepped from one hand to the other quite nicely and without biting. He sat with me for a bit and was very behaved. Then he stepped up on to my boyfriends hand and sat on him and played with him for a while whilst I sorted his cage out, put in a new toy and had a bit of a clean etc. After I had finished with his cage, I asked Bailey to step up on to me which he did absolutely fine but then he just started biting me. He will sit on my hand all sweet and innocent and then he will just grab a chunk of my finger and grind! Aww it stings so bad And it really makes me sad that he wants to bite me like that! So I just ignored it and when he started being nice again, I gave him a head scritch, showed him a piece of rich tea biscuit which he took interest in and asked him to step up on to my other hand. He went straight ahead and bit me, again. So I didn't give him the rich tea biscuit. When he was calm again, I showed him the biscuit again and asked him to step up again, and he bit me again. So in the end, he bit me twice and then stepped up nicely on the third attempt and I rewarded him with the biscuit and said "good" etc. He was being nice so I gave him another head scritch etc and he started biting me hard again. So I stopped with the head rub and ignored him whilst he bit me. Once he was calm again and being nice again, I walked slowly over to his cage and asked him if he wanted to go and check out his new toy. I showed him a piece of rich tea biscuit, asked him to step up on the perch and he bit again. So I took him away from the cage, back to the window, talking nicely to him until he calmed down again, so I tried the rich tea biscuit and perch again and he literally just wouldn't stop biting me. I lost count of the amount of bites when I got to 15.... I started to get upset then, not because it was hurting but because it was making me sad So my boyfriend came over, asked Bailey to step up on to him which he did more than happily. He never bites my boyfriend! Dave sat with him for a bit longer and then asked Bailey to step up on to his cage and he did. He then went to explore his new toys without a backwards glance at the open cage door...or the rich tea biscuit that he didn't want before. So basically, I got bitten lots and he didn't get a reward unless he did something good, which was step from my left hand to my right hand. It really looks like I have made a HUGE rod for my own back doesn't it? I.e. rewarding him for biting me for so long. This is going to be a looooong road! And it also looks like rich tea biccies are not his fave, do anything for, treat. So my main question is...when he does bite me like that, what's the best reaction? Just grit your teeth and ignore it like I have been?
  7. Well Bailey is particularly grumpy this evening! Pupils going crazy...I got bitten 5 times but not when putting him to bed so that's a bonus! Lol
  8. Yeah it looks like I was thinking things were worse than they really are! Fuzz has been really really great and very patient with all my questions
  9. Aww thank you! That's a really nice thing to read
  10. Ok, on the inside of the door of Baileys cage, there is a small perch. I get him to step up on to that and then he sits there whilst I shut that cage door. He is happy to sit on the perch for me to shut the door, it's getting him on to the perch that is the problem. He understands the command 'step up', I know this because he will step up from one of my hands to the other, or to my boyfriends hand. He will also sometimes step up on to his perch quite happily, but sometimes he will turn round and bite my hand hard until I take him away from the perch again. If he does this, I would then offer him a bit of biscuit or a small piece of millet in his cage and he will go in happily. I guess I have just learnt that I am reinforcing negative behaviour! I should offer him the treat before he gets chance to think about biting me? He has plenty of toys etc in his cage and he plays with all of them! I am guilty of not changing his toys very often though I will change that now! I like to make my own toys for him so I will make some spare ones and change them weekly like you do. I can build up a collection of toys. I think his cage is looking a little cluttered lately...maybe it would be best to remove some of his toys but change them weekly so he doesn't get bored? He LOVES rolled up sheets of paper to shred and he has a large hoop in his cage that he sits on and pushes himself off of a perch so that he swings back and forward like a nutter He also has a round cardboard chube that he likes to sit in and then a load of perches and hanging toys too. Oh and a ladder that goes diagonally from the bottom corner to the top lol maybe I need to take a few things out! His cage is a good size though, this is a VERY old picture and his cage is on the left. It has more in it than in this photo but I think it looks better in this pic....also, the perch on top of the cage isn't there now. I am going to make the top of Baileys cage in to his new play area for when he doesn't want to be with me Bailey LOVES foot toys, he has some of them in his cage too You know what Sennies are like, he rolls around on his back with them on top of him. He's a real character! He loves those paper sticks so maybe I could try that to avoid him biting me? Do you take Ollie and Kobe's seed bowls out in the evening so that they are really hungry for their fresh food in the morning? Bailey has his fresh food every morning too so that's ok. I will change his routine so that he comes out of his cage before his breakfast instead of afterwards. Bailey loves a good head scritch, he will sit there for ages and have his head rubbed. Another thing I thought of about his particularly moody behaviour at the moment, he is in the middle of a really big moult So he obviously has a lot of pin feathers etc which is making him more sensitive. Just for good measure, here is a pic of my boy <3 http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/han_jc/Bailey/Bailey.jpg[/img] (This pic was only taken a couple of weeks ago, he was in a very loving mood with me that day!)
  11. WOW! I seriously cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write out such a long post of advice for me...and I'm not just saying that to get you to write more lol But really, this will help me so much. I have printed it off so that I can have a read of it and start doing it with Bailey! One of my biggest problems is getting Bailey back into his cage without being bitten. He will go in if I bribe him, so am I right in thinking that if I used the clicker as well, I could get him to learn that stepping up into his cage is also going to get a reward, therefore stopping him from biting me? Sorry for more questions.... What do you give Kobe for his breakfast to make him want to go back into his cage? I also need to work out what Bailey will be most interested in as his reward. He will do absolutely ANYTHING for a small piece of rich tea biscuit which really isn't an ideal treat for training unless I can smash it into really small, bite size crumbs. But I'd still rather use a 'healthy' treat. Thanks again so much for all your help I am currently looking at the bird-click group and I will order one of those books!
  12. The top of his cage is flat and a good size so I could use that as his play ground if I make it interesting enough? My room is very tiny at my parents so it would be beneficial to use that if possible
  13. Thank you so so much Ria and Fuzz for your really helpful posts. You two have made me feel a lot more positive about the situation!! I had Bailey DNA'd so I know he is deffo male...maybe it is a lot to do with his hormones then? How would I go about training him to do things like that? I.e. bringing a ball back etc. I have seen some of the youtube videos on one particular Sennie that is clicker trained and does loads of things! I bought a clicker but just couldn't really get my head around what to do with it...do you guys know of any good websites or books that would be helpful to me? I do adore him to pieces and am willing to try anything I can! Because of my marriage breaking down, I had to sacrifice a huge amount, I had to rehome my dog which absolutely killed me. I can't lose Bailey too, he is all I have left. I know that sounds really lame but he means an unbelievable amount to me. Any pets I have do! I think making a separate play area may be a really good idea too. Like a table top play gym type thing? Which are good ones to buy? Or plans of how to make one?
  14. He's a bit like a temperamental teenager. One day he will be loving and affectionate towards me and enjoy head scratches and all the rest of it. And the next day, he is biting my fingers and getting stroppy with me!
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