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  1. Sorry to hear that you have lost your Hahns Macaw. I also have lost my young hahns macaw recently. I can only sympathise with you, its not very nice, i know how you are feeling. I hope they both return to us soon. Jean
  2. Still no news on Jamie, I still look for him but no sightings or sounds. Jean
  3. Hi. I have still heard or seen nothing from Jamie. Just spoke to the RSPCA, but nothing has been reported. The RSPCA said that the parrots live wild in this area and have happily integrated in with the wild birds. Jamie would be easier to spot coz he has a red ring on his leg. I got the impression when I last saw him that he was having too much fun and didnt want to be caught. At least I can now think of him as still being alive and out there somewhere - I just gotta find him. Jean
  4. I went out 4 times yesterday and again this morning. I managed to find a bird watcher and gave him my number, he was on his way to the lakes so if Jamie is over there he will be spotted. I have heard nothing at all since I last saw him on Saturday. I think he has already either left the area or a bird of prey, dread the thought, has got to him. Thanks for your support. Jean
  5. I live in Yateley, Hampshire surrounded by lakes and huge trees. I was hoping he would stick around the same area or at least come back to the tree area where he spent his first night out. I think these smaller birds tend to fly further away which is not helping. Jean
  6. I tried tempting him down yesterday but he didnt want to know. Ive been out again but no trace. I just dont know where to go, so many trees. I keep going back to where he spent the night but he is not there. It hasnt stopped raining all night and day. Jean
  7. Thanks for your support I hope he will be here soon Jean
  8. Thanks Debs. I also sent John hayward and email as soon as jamie went. Jean
  9. I have been out again this morning, no sign of him, I think he has moved on. I keep calling him but hear nothing, Its a horrible day very wet. I will try again this evening. Jean
  10. Jamie is a Hahns Macaw and he escaped yeaterday at around 11.30 through the front door. He stayed within 1/2 mile of home perched on the tip of VERY Tall tree. I got up at 05.30 and went back to the tree and he was still there. He kept calling back to me and watching me but wouldnt budge. I couldnt coax him down with anything. I went back later in the morning and he was still in the same area but as I approached the tree he called back and then flew to another tree. As I moved on he kept doing the same thing and then i couldn't hear him anymore and I havent heard him since. I lost Sammy last year and now I have lost little Jamie. It is heartbreaking. The only difference is Jamie hung around close to home and Sammy disappeared without a trace. I am just hoping Jamie is tired and thats why I havent heard anything. Its horribly wet outside tonight and he must be hungry and cold. I have put his cage in the back garden hoping he will return. I have also put some food on top of the aviary in my garden. The only thing is my garden is very small and i am worried he wont be able to see his cage because of the trees at the bottom of the garden. I call from the back garden, yeterday he called back so I am hoping he has a rough idea where home is. Here's hoping he returns home soon Jean (Yateley, Hampshire)
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