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  1. hi welcome aboard. I would say an older bird needs you more as there are so many out there who need a loving home as people give them up so easy i do not understand how they can. The same as dogs , I have been looking for another dog to join my crew and have come accross so many old dogs who have been with the same owner for 6-8 years and now say the have to get rid of them like they are a bit of rubbish, i wouldn't be able to it , its like giving your kids up. Anywy good luck in your search so for going on and on as usual.lol
  2. Thats not on thats like taking someone's child , Surely must be able to do something about it . Think the owners need to look into it . Must be heart breaking please let us no if they get anywhere with it .
  3. Oh congratulations to you hun , great to see you found your new member of the family. At the same time i so jealous of you lol as i got no reply from the advert i went for about the puppy , really sad but really happy you got yours. My Collie is an old faithful my shadow really ( my african grey called shadow lol ) she is nearly 13 years old and still acts like a puppy . I got her when she was 12 weeks old and been through thick and thin with me and never left my side. I paid £10 for her the best investment i ever made. Saying that I paid £250 for my staffie 5 years ago she just the same loyal and loving so proves you cant put a price on loyalty , trust or an animal. Good luck and a happy future with your doggy do do .x
  4. there is a staffy cross collie on preloved £50 look really cute in photo even though photo not to great. If you search under dogs page 17 titled " staffyx collie pups "" member called Ratz . Only went on yesterday if intersted. I have a 5 year old staffy and a 12 year old nearly 13 collie both are loving dogs dont know what they are like mixed together but seperate are both lovely dogs. Kym
  5. i saw that one too but i dont like boxers much and i have always had true staffies do not know how people end up with strange mixes lol. But still no contact so not holding out much hope now , what a shame why cant people have dogs as family members and not chav cling ons it really bugs me. Will let you know if anything comes from it .x
  6. i will let you all know thanks. No news up to now they haven't got in touch with me , making me wonder now in case it too late .
  7. hi I was wondering if someone can get an email adress or phone number for me off of preloved. I am looking for another dog to go along with my other ones and this poor little one is calling me. I do not want no little toe rag getting hold of her to use as a status symbol when i can give it all the love it needs. Advertised as " Staff pup £50 or free but money going to be donated to a charity. I have a 5 year old staffy already and a 12 year old collie cross which i have had since they were both 12 weeks old. Can anyone please help me as my membership has run out and it is 4 days old already and might of missed out on saving her.
  8. Welcome Caroline . We are all mad bird peep on here so you will fit in well. Take care and nice to meet you.
  9. No problem Casper anytime. I am in LS25 Garforth. Sorry to here about your seperate holidays bless ya.
  10. shadow flies out every day and has never had any problems. He likes sitting on the window ledge and looks out of the window. Go for it let them out they love the freedom and great bonding time to, they get to socialize even more and feel part of the company. have fun
  11. Thank you michelle . Very kind of you, I only treated flump and cookie how they should be treated with love and respect the same as a child. Would look after them anytime as they were so much fun and made us laugh . Take care hopefully see you again xx kym and gang
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