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  1. i know that Visually sexing Senegals isnt 100% but when looking at cock birds vent feathers being yellow and the Hens being yellow with green in there, which in the past has been confirmed when having them dna sexed, i was just wondering do these vent feathers colour change as the bird matures? how old would you let chick get before using vent feathers colour as a guide?
  2. hi Lesley and welcome to the forum.
  3. thanx for the advice everyone. i used egg food last sesson. will add some pulses next time as well.
  4. thanx for that David. apart from the parrot mix they get fruit and veg.
  5. just wondering whether its the cock or hen who has influence over clutch size? i have a pair of senegals who lay 2 eggs and 1 chick survived this year. the year before they lay 2 eggs as well. just wondering if i paired the hen up with a bachalor cock that i have whether the clutch size would be different?
  6. hi Leslie and welcome to the forum.
  7. hi Kerry and welcome to the forum.
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