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  1. We're pleased to say that Titan has found a new home with a lovely local family. He warmed to them as soon as he met them and we just knew they were the right family for him. They have just text me to say that he has spent the afternoon happily playing with his new house mate, a lovely retired greyhound.
  2. Thanks, he's such a lovely boy that we are very keen to find the perfect home for him!
  3. One of the puppies from the litter we had last December has been returned to us because his owner lost his job and can't afford to keep him anymore. He is a gorgeous boy and we are so tempted to keep him but we just don't have the space. If anyone knows of anyone who may be interested in rehoming him, please let me know. We aren't able to give him away for free because we've paid to have him castrated and as we weren't expecting that expense we hadn't budgeted for it. As we really need to recover the cost, the price we are asking for Titan reflects the cost of the castration. This a link to the advert for him on preloved: http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1033200921/9926bc91.html Please let me know if you or anyone you know can help us find him a loving forever home, he's a very special boy
  4. Hiya, we are old hands at this game now, and our girl has just recently had a litter, so we are very happy to offer you any help that we can. Off the top of my head, the most important thing is to have a cave like area for whelping, somewhere dark and warm where she feels safe. We use a 4' dog crate with a cheap duvet (because it'll get trashed!) in the bottom to keep her comfortable and lots of cheap blankets on top (I bought lots of black blankets from QD, they worked a treat). This time I also bought puppy training pads to use during the birth as they are much more absorbant than paper and I placed one underneath her for each birth to take the worst of the mess, but it's important not to whip them away too quickly as she'll want to lick them - this process helps the milk to flow. We also cover the crate in blankets as she likes to feel enclosed. I would recomend buying 'The Book of The B itch' - it's been our bible through both our litters! There are so many other things I could recommend that I'd take three pages to write them all! I will PM you my phone number, I think that'll be easier!
  5. how gorgeous! looks like they're going to be great friends!
  6. Have they tried contacting the original breeders? When we sell our puppies (both the litter we have at the moment and our first litter a few years ago) we promise that we will always take the dog back if the new owners can't care for them anymore, even if it's years and years after they're sold - maybe your friend's dog's breeders are the same?
  7. we are very tempted to keep one, but we've got to sit down and work out if it's a sensible plan. Our heads will have to over rule our hearts!
  8. thanks for all your lovely messages. They are ready to go to their new homes in two weeks - it'll break my heart when they go! I've tried not to get too attached to them but failed miserably!
  9. He's an absolute cutie! He follows us round everywhere we go like a little shadow x
  10. Here are some pics I took this week. We've only got two more to find homes for now - we've been very fortunate with the new families that the pups will be doing to, all of them have had a doberman before so they know what to expect and how to look after them properly.
  11. I used to use the arm from an old jumper that I cut off and tied on with sting (because it was the arm it was quite long so it doubled back on itself and gave a double layer. That always worked a treat.
  12. aw, poor little mite, glad she's found a safe and secure home with you
  13. Here are a few more pics of the pups now that they're three weeks old.
  14. Yep I think they are going to make wonderful pets, I just wish we could keep all eight of them! All of them have their eyes open now and are trying their best to walk.
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