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  1. Gillian did he get his fingers lol???
  2. No i didnt take it you's were saying anything bad, I new myself ages ago that the cage was a bit of a problem but as there in the region of 200 pounds i thought we have it now so gotta make do lol ..
  3. Gillian i agree the cage is now looked upon as a bad design it,s not that old either {2-1/2 years] what my mum did if i didnt feed him coz when i did he was ok but my mum used to have that problem she used to make sure he was up on top pirch then put them in. trouble is the plastic means you cannot rush it either coz it,s very fiddly..
  4. Gillian Barney loves that newspaper he will have it shreaded quicker than you can say cadburys cream egg lol... we had that problem....
  5. Ive took laptop into mum,s room so she could read everything. She says thanks for being so nice and warm hearted. It,s nice to have comments , shame my 2 boring sisters are not as warm hearted they must have ice running through there veins instead of blood. Hopefully they cannot sleep at night through guilt
  6. Yeah 5 week course of 2 different ones but as my mam's a worrier it makes it harder lol....
  7. Gillian Thats great news, I will show mum this ,that watch word is his way of saying he wants to watch whatever is happening around him lol.. glad he has'nt forgot Danny and i,m glad he is getting out more. as for Mum well she got that superbug MRSA now so thats holding her recovery up. If you want Barney on your arm etc say UP to him and he should step on your arm/perch etc. Yeah dannys stable and when he is like hat he's less of a worry..
  8. Disneynut thanks for that and as my mum is from Hollywood she,ll appreciate your belfast voice lol:) Steven
  9. Hello Everyone, just popped in to see you's and to catch up on Barney Steven
  10. Gillian dont know if he,s unhappy when pupils go small ,could it be he is staring ?? you,ll get them food dishes in pet shop there £1 each up here. you can get ones that are stainless steel free standing ones but knowing Barney he will batter it to death and sling it lol...
  11. Lornsy Yes me and my mum were talking and after updating her with info from the posts here she is relieved that Gillian came for him and offered him a new home. She allways wanted a good new home for Barney. And peace of mind is deffo making it easier, I,m not ashamed to admit i had tears as well when he left and i,m glad it was all over quickly. Mum,s illness is time consuming ,Dannys illness is severe and looking after those 2 ment Barney was not getting his usual attention and that worried us/me a lot. He will be missed but i have space now to breath and restructure my life here and outside of my mums place knowing Barney is at least happy.
  12. I had a quick look just to see him in his new place. Wont be showing me Mum yet as she,s still teareful about him even though it ,s for the best.i have Video clip of Barney so will upload it and put it in here:) Steven
  13. He,s just gone now Gillian has taken him about 20 minutes ago. She brought my Mum a lovely bunch of flowers so that was nice of her..
  14. L-A-M Yeah i will be able to do that, plus i,ll be here incase she needs to know anything that i may of missed out in all the flurry of the rehome.
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