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  1. oh thanx hun you are a star! really! dont forget to tell me ur paypal account details!
  2. I know its fantastic! I hope I can do the same for somebody else one day too!
  3. ok hun thanks again! Maybe your not a hoarder but phsycic!!!!! you knew deep down it would be needed somewhere
  4. Sure does hun! I think it is the same cage! Yer the paypal thing works both ways, so when we all sorted i will send you my postal address and you tell me your paypal and i will send you some cash hun - Thank you so so so so soooooooooo much! i am so happy
  5. awwww thanx hun that would be fantastic! I will send you the postage cost through paypal if its the right one, its an essegi cage if that helps....
  6. cant lol, nearly forgot charlies out and the dogs in kitchen where cage is, i think its something like 53-55cm hun let me know
  7. yer it does hun hang on i will go and measure the dimensions
  8. right, I picked up this cage from freecycle last night and it was a bit of a mess to say the least, this pic was taken after 2 solid hours of scrubbing and its still not up to scratch. It was full of rust i have got most of it off, needs a bit more scrubbing tomorrow i was just tired today lol. The problem is the bottom grill is missing! Also the tray is very tatty, I am going to tidy it up but if I can get one I will. Where can i get them from? Any help is appreciated.
  9. oh jem, i never bred but I have heard of similar things happening - dont get too upset hunny, you couldnt have helped it!
  10. so sorry to hear about waffle, god bless waffle and jem dont blame yourself!
  11. they are great for the birds - they hav essential oils in for them, v.tastey and also great fun for them to eat! you can get them on http://www.24parrot.com and from ebay i bought my last lot from midlandparrots on ebay
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