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  1. Just a thought but one of the rescue birds I took last year used to do a fantastic Cockeral noise, although this didnt bother me it was very loud. In the end we taught him a very easy mobile phone bleap & in time he replaced one sound with another quieter one. This may work for you & will also be a great distraction for your bird.
  2. Your landlord may be acting within his rights but he can also be reported for supplying substandard housing under the new goverment guidelines. What he has done has put you in a very good position as you have not breached your tennancy, you will be given priority at the council & the best thing to do is have a look around & write down the address of any empty house that you like. Once you are armed with a few places go & see the housing officer then ask for the keys to look at them. You will probably then have to put in a bid but as you are proirity you should get a house very quickly. Good luck hun
  3. This is an unpleasant sitution to be in. Your neighbour will be feeling worse with the treatment & the family will be worried so they will react a lot more to the noise than normal. Roz has given some very good advice & being friendly & trying to find a solution is the best thing. Can you move the birds to a different room away from her house even if it is just until she is feeling better?
  4. Thanks everyone & thanks Adele
  5. Thanks for the welcome & nice messages
  6. Well done! You know there is a problem & you are doing the best you can. I know you must be heartbroken & it is a very difficult decision to make. I get calls at any time of the day to do rescues & so many people just want rid of the birds for whatever reason. I have had people drop parrots off in cardboard boxes without even air holes let alone food or water. Then other people like yourself who for whatever reason only want the best for the bird, they have put them first & have gone through an emotional rollercoater. Good luck hun & well done again
  7. Poor baby. I get a lot of birds in that have been clipped or plucked & as the feathers grow back there confidence comes back. You may find that he is still a little shacken up after the quake as he wouldnt know what was happening. I personaly would give some gardian angel just to boost him back up & keep things calm for a few days until he settles back down. The other piece of advice I would like to offer is give him plenty of things to occupy him so he doesnt become bored & start plucking.
  8. Thankyou Shell & thanks for the welcome
  9. Hi, I know a few members already but for those I dont my name is Christina & I run Angel Wings Parrots & Rescue. I have on average 20+ parrots in the house at any one time plus one or two in aviaries :shock: We are just about to move to a new small holding in a couple of weeks, so will have larger aviaries & more of them.
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