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  1. Hey sending our love, hope hes well. I remember when Echo was only a couple months old he started coughing and vomiting so i rushed him to the vet and it turned out he was just being cheeky cause he was copying my cough from when I had the cold and was regurgitating for me, which he still does and i dont like lol. let us know how u get on x
  2. Hey guys , There is pictures of Holly on my photo bucket now as I have sorted it Holly is signing away right now but instead of just whistling she goes......la la la la la la la, shes funny Well I got to go now but I thought I would let you know they are finally on Speak soon, N
  3. Hey, She doesnt like me to touch the inside of her cage but she doesnt mind andy going in it to feed her but its only when he has it open then puts his hand in to say step up lol. We had her previous owner up yesterday and she was really happy with Hollys progress and new home. She signs and interacts with echo alot, coping him when I give him a toy to play with then give it to her and she plays with. When I scratch him in his cage infront of her then she dips her head for a scratch at the bars then i can touch her for a bit then she snaps at me, but i dont move away, I just say no then she dips her head again and this goes on for a minuet or two lol. Her skin looks alot better and it doesnt look like the feathers are sore to come through. I dont know if it is still to do with us being out all weekends as sometimes when we come home she still has them and is happy enough. The good thing is that she has started to play with her toys when we are out and we know this as we find them at the bottom of the cage when we come back. Welll I got to go to work now but ill speak again later, Thanks for your help ruby, Its makes me feel really good when people are willing to spent time to help us and we cant thank you all enough. Norma
  4. Hi guys I know its been a few weeks since I updated about Holly, Holly is looking much better I have been showering her every morning with water and Listerine and her skin looks alot better but not too much progress on her feathers. Little fluffy feathers keep coming but she keeps then for about a week then out they come again. I dont mind too much now as she seems alot happier and comfortable so as long as she feels happy. The bad thing is she still loves to bit us when she is out of the cage then she doesnt mind stepping up too much but you cant put your hand in the cage to get her out lol. He is singing alot more and making new notices but not too many new words. The best thing ever is she has not dont that continues dancing and head movement in ages Illl try get pics on my photo bucket of her soon, I think there is something wrong with it though as I cant get the images to upload but ill get my partner to look at it. Speak soon, Norma I would also like to thank everyone loads though for all the help you have given me, I honestly dont think we could have done it alone without all the support..........especially you clare xxx
  5. Hey hey, I will have a look into it. also I got an email saying I had a new pm but when I log on here it says I have no new messages???? Thats not good lol. Can someone send me a link to this persons web site so I can take a look? Ta, Hey Clare, hows the babys? Speak again soon, N
  6. I have not received a pm?? She has got colourful paper sticks and loads other stuff but its like she doesnt know how to play? we have been showing her but she just eats the bit we rip then throws it away as if she doesnt know what to do. N
  7. Hey guys, Clare (clareg22) just came up and said she looks ok so thats made me feel 100 times better
  8. We have been letting her out and leaving her in while we are there. I leave her in then go to another room for a bit or go for a shower etc and she seems ok. when I peek back in she is doing her funny dance (although I dont think its a nice dance). We have left her in even for a couple hours when andy comes to get me from work or has to go to the shop etc and she doesnt do it but its was only at the weekend when we were out all day. Clare that would be lovey if you could give us some things for her to chew as she really seems too like them. she has been chewing on those coloured treat sticks that echo took a disliking too lol. She also loved the coloured sticks we had and shredders but we have now ran out lol. Thanks guys for all this help and ill keep you all posted N x
  9. Hey, Thanks for all the advice. I feel soo bad for her and just dont want to do anything that might hurt her. Its strange because I have had Echo for over a year and my friend Clare (whom is also on her and is soooo great with all her help and advice) has two African Grays and I just looked after them for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and were fine with them. But with Holly (she was called Polly but we have been calling her Holly as it just seems nicer) its like being with a new born baby. I am so careful around her and just dont want to hurt her as I think she is just soo gentle and fragile. She was making good progress and had a good few feathers growing in on her front as we have been spending everyday with her, playing and letting her out, but unfortunately on Sundays me and my partner Andy are at work so when we got home she had pulled them all out. It was soo sad as it was the first day she was left in her cage all day and we felt soo sad. We dont know what to do. We think we can spend enough time with her all week to prevent her pulling them out as I work full time but Andy is in most days as he is a student but at the weekend we are both at work, but we are a bit worried that she will be fine during the week them destroy it all at the weekend. We have been giving her baths constantly, put her on pretty bird, given her loads of new toys and spend loads of time with her but I fear every weekend will be the same. I have got Echo into a really really good avain vet who has won awards and very high regarded so I am going to give her another week or two to settle in (as I dont want to alarm or scare her) then I am going to register her there and get her a check up and nails cut but I just dont know what to expect every weekend when I come home. I usually keep the radio on for Echo when I am out but that is all she ever listened to at home so I didnt really want to do that as I thought it might remind her but Clare gave me a parrot sitter dvd and we have a good few parrot cd's so we have been leaving them on for her instead but it hasnt seemed to work. Any suggestions? Thank again guys and sorry this message is soo long I just feel so strongly for her. N
  10. Well the cats are fine with both our parrots, the cats have learnt not to go near the parrots because they have had bite from echo lol. You would be suprised as the cats are more scared of them lol. Ill keep you updated Norma & andy
  11. Ah so thats ok then, we're just trying to concentrate on getting her to stop plucking now. Not very nice. She does it quite a lot. I'm hoping with a lot of attention/showers and a good diet then it will stop and who knows maybe the feathers will grow back.... thanks for your speedy reply
  12. Hi All, I have an African Grey already, about 1 year old. I have recently got another from a woman who cant look after it any more - its about 30 years old. Its completely plucked all of its body feathers, probably due to boredom as it seems like it didnt get out much, and didnt have a very varied diet... it had never had a shower also.... I have given it showers now, absolutely soaking it and at least the dust has settled a bit, only had it since yesterday. Anyway, to the point now... It will step onto my hand and stuff and is completely fine with me and it sits about and has a general look about when its not in the cage. BUT, there are a few things which i'm not too sure about, wondered if anyone could shine a light on these things.... Firstly it CONSTANTLY does a little 'dance'; it bobs up and down on its perch, for hours when its in the cage, occaisionally when its out too... Secondly, and I have a video link to show you.. . It does a very weird head movement thing which looks quite strange and i wanted to know if anyone elses parrot does this, as out other one doesnt - the one year old one is male and the new one is female. last thing, as her chest is pretty much completely bare you can see all the skin, it looks like she has a lump at the top of her breast.... not sure what to make of it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/g4nd/3268387480/in/set-72157613102846386/ Any help/input appreciated. Thanks Norma + Andy
  13. My regret would not be buying headphones first lol, Even though I love Echo talking and shouting away at me I miss having that one quiet relaxing night in front of the tell without Echo telling me telly "Be Quiet" lol
  14. Yeah it has made me feel a lot better, obviously there is a lot of work to do now and I am still concern by a few feathers that are bauld on one side but once I get him out of the preening it should get better , The work starts here and ill keep you all updated the whole way, Thanks guys
  15. Hi all, I set up my camera on my laptop yesterday while I was out as that records up to 8 so It could record him for the time I was out and amazingly he didn't seem to preen too much, he had a wee nibble here and there but more like cleaning . I couldn't believe watching it and now understand about him doing it for my attention. I have been ignoring him when he is doing it but he noticed me watching him a little so continued, I think he was watching me to see if I did look lol. I am really quite relieved now seeing this and I know if he isnt doing it much when I am out then I can do more to prevent it. I will continue to ignore him and be sneaky when watching him and see how he progresses. Ill keep you all updated Thanks again
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