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  1. ahh ok thanks,although im not a trader,its just a one off sale,so i maybe better getting a chatt membership,im sad that its come to this really but i want to make sure i can find a good home for him with someone experienced-thanks
  2. where do i advertise as it wont let me in the advertising section?thanks
  3. sorry ive just noticed ive posted this in the wrong area
  4. im still having problems with my senegal,he is now getting worse rather than better with his behaviour,hes now 1 year old,ive had him from a baby hand reared,he was really friendly as soon as we had him although he was nippy from the start,even as a baby,ive posted seveal topics on here over the past year about this but now his behaviour is getting worse,no one can walk past his cage without him lunging forward to try to attack them and he has tried to bite my husband and children,i am the main carer for him and hes lovely wwith me although he will turn suddenly and start trying to bite me then he will go loving again.ive tried everything in the help sections and everything people have told me to try,its a shame coz hes a lovley bird,very comical and hes now talking but i think i will have to look at rehoming him with someone who doesnt have children as he doesnt seem to like them,i think he needs someone on their own who he can take to and not have anyone else around,i love him loads and it really upsets me thinking i will have to rehome him but im worried that he will hurt my children.
  5. well the hallway is part of the living room so he can see us all,there is a door seperting it but its always open so he can see us all,ive just had him out now,hes fine while im sitting still but as soon as i move,he attacks me aswell,not to hurt,just like warnings,like just changing position,or moving my arm etc,and as for other ppl looking after him,theres only my husband,who does also communicate and handle him but sometimes hes ok with himthen other times he will turn on him,other than that,theres my children,my eldest is 7,i dont trust him around her as last time he flew at her face and tried to bite heri had him as a baby,hes 9 months old now,hes been like it since i had him but not this bad,he just gets worse and more aggressive as time goes on
  6. its me again,im still having probs with my sennie,how can i stop him attacking everyone,its worrying me now coz hes gonna end up hurting my kids!!! no one can go near his cage else he tried to attack them,its ok coz hes in his cage but im not gonna keep excepting this behaviour from him,im at the end of my teather now,only i can approach him im seriously thinking of rehoming him if this carries on but i really dont want to,can anyone help?
  7. thanks,ive read that,i still dont understand why he tries to attack everyone who walks in,maybe hes protective of his cage as its in the hall where ppl come in and out of the house,and why he flies at their faces,i cant have him out now while they are here because of it,id love him to be able to sit in here with all of us
  8. hi im back again,lol a few of u may remember me asking for advise b4 on my parrot being grumpy,ive had him ssince he was a baby so i know hes not been mis-treated in anyway but im still having problems with him hes ok with me most of the time but when he perches on my finger,he strats biting my finger quite hard, also if anyone goes near his cage,he flies at towards them and tries to attack them through the bars,if i have him out,i have to be alone,if anyone is in the room,including my children,he flies at their faces and tries to attack them, my mom came round and he did the same to her, i dont know why hes like this,hes treated so well,if anyone tries to stroke him he bites them its a sennie,i was told these are really friendly,hes just gone 1 now and hes getting worse as hes getting older,i dont want to rehome him,we all love him,hes part of the family and he really entertains us,i just wish i could sort this out
  9. oh rite,thanks for that,i was just looking at your pics alan,ur parrots look lovely,are they macaws? and do they talk? i went to a parrot show a few yrs ago at gran canaria and they has a parrot exactly the same as your,the stuff they did was unbelievable,they are really clever birds, they look lovely but i know they are very expensive,i would love an african grey aswell as my senegal but i cant afford one, oh well im happy with peppa,hes lovely,lol
  10. is that usual to talk that young? i thought they were 6-12 months b4 they started
  11. 14 weeks old and peppa is talking.hes been trying for about a week or 2 now to talk and the other day he said" what u doing" and at first i thought,no way,i thought it was something else which just sounded like it but yesterday and today,he said it perfectly clear,i didnt think they could talk this young.has anyone else heard of a senegal starting to talk this early?
  12. hi alsmom,no its deffo concrete,i have an edible calcium one aswell,he bites flakes off but doesnt eat it,it seems to chip and fall off
  13. i thought they did the same,i had a twisted sandy perch b4 for my other bird and it was actually cheaper than the concrete ones ive brought so i thought they would be better,i will buy one tomz-thanks
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