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  1. it could just be down to the mixed weather were having no i few breeders who have had poor year but it also could be a possible bacteria problem have you had your birds tested in the last year or so ?
  2. like ? above have they had chicks hatch before ?
  3. A basic understanding of avian imprinting and the sensitive period for this (which occurs soon after an bird's eyes open) tells us that the baby bird *will* imprint on the bird, human or object which feeds it. Initially it will show purely affiliate behaviours towards the animal/object it is imprinted on. But once the bird is sexually mature it will show courtship behaviours to that on which it is imprinted, and males esp. may show aggression to third parties who may be seen as a threat to the bird's sexual proclivities. greg you say as i have put above if imprinted the will sexual bond to humans not birds i would just like to say i have 3 breeding pairs of amazons all handreared all ex pets and they all have breed
  4. dont no about the ginseng but a few supplements shops for birds sell vit e powder for good fertillity
  5. they all do a great job with little thanks people need to think about them every day they give up so much for us
  6. is the ring split or closed rung if split will just be sexing ring
  7. been looking for this stuff for ages thanks
  8. need them out as fast as you can a mate had them they chewed threw his electric cables in no time cost him loads to get fixed shame they cant be let go els were but can make a fire in your house if they chew the electric get them out as fast as you can
  9. hi if you go on the Amazona Society you can see the diffrents between all the amazons hope it helps
  10. was thinking the same myself will have to wait and see
  11. how far are the eggs now as in early stage you wont get much better then the contact setting it only in later stage when the humidity is move important i would go to forced air mode good luck hope it all works out let me no how you get on
  12. nesting boxes are not just for breeding a have amazons that use them everyday and some that don't as for yours like Andy f said what breed is he/she were is he/she keep if indoors not likely to be getting cold unless next to open window
  13. you might benefit if you change the incubator over to conventional moving air mode for later stages of incubation and hatching as you can control the humidity a lot better i would do this about day 18 depending on what egg you are trying to hatch ?
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