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  1. Thanks for the advice guys! No the dishwater was lukewarm it had been sitting there for a while after I had put the dishes away. She seems fine at the moment. Thanks!
  2. Chica has just fallen off the draining board into a bowl of dish water. She was taken out immediately, her head stayed above the water and only the lower half of the body got wet. Will she be okay?.... We are going on holiday tomorrow too and mum is looking after her so I want to know that she will b okay! Thanks
  3. Hi guys, today I was walking past the Body Shop, and smelt the most beautiful smell from outside so I had to go inside to be nosey..... anyway it was from an oil burner, burning satsuma and cranberry (smelt so christmassy lol) for the home........so yes I had too buy some!, but I ddnt realise till on the way home they could be toxic to Chica......but I thought that was mostly for aerosol air freshners? Has anyone got any info as to whether oils are safe around parrots? Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys......that explains it as she only ever does it wen she is on me or out of her cage........ I thought she was spoilt enuff, yet she is begging for more haha ! Oh well thats nice to know, puts my mind at rest now! :roll: Thanks!
  5. Hi. hopefully someone can give me some sort of opinion on this..... I am not worried about it I would just like to have an idea of what it may be. Sometimes Chica flaps her wings for no reason at all, it is not at full wing span , just a kind of flappy/twitch whilst they are by her side, although it is not all the time other than that she is her normal happy self!.....I was thinking she was twitching them because she is moulting on her wings and they are irritating and itchy for her? Would anyone agree?? Thanks!
  6. Oh she's brill Gary! You'll have to try and get Boola and Kim to do it for us when we come over Saturday!
  7. Tried it hun! Think I have tried almost everywhere now...... it will just be a matter of waiting now I think until the end of May (so they say) when the shipment of Montana cages arrives in the country, but the date will change again no doubt has been since Feb!..... and then they discontinue it from the range! Frustrating!
  8. I did find a cage and stuck with it, but as mentioned before, now I am being told it has been discontinued! ... so I had to start looking again! Thats when I bought the San Marco last week, Ok the bar spacing might be ieal, but the cage was big enough for an African Grey and I just do'nt have the space in my living room for such a big cage..... you must understand where I am coming from?....... but she's hardly ever in her cage anyway! I know I must be doing your heads in with all these questions with cages etc. but we just want what's best for Chica and for us and it does'nt help the situation when hardly anybody has the cages in stock anyway, our choices are so limited....... this is why I keep asking for advice because I am just browsin the net for cages and then asking for your advice on them, and I know you keep mentioning the San Remo and San Diego and they have most definitely been taking into consideration for when they arrive back in stock........I'm sorry to be a pain!
  9. Was the bar spacing fine for your green cheek with either cage, not able to get their heads through or that? Thats what has me worried, and it is so hard to find a nice cage with suitable bar spacing!
  10. Would anyone reccommend the Finca cage for a green cheek conure, we have been let down with the Boston cage now after waiting since Feb, apparently it has been discontinued although other pet stores have advised me it has'nt so I don't know what is going on! Anyway I have been looking at cages again and saw the Finca, on Northern Parrots it does reccommend it for Cockateil, Senegal sized birds, but the bar spacing is 20mm...... so am just looking for some advice, even better if someone has this cage to advise if its suitable! Thanks Guys!
  11. Just looking for some info on the Madeira cage for a green cheek conure, and if anyone has it do they thi nk it is suitbal for it?......my mum has jus bought a conure from Gary, as she loved Chica so much and was getting jealous haha! So what you think about it?.... heres a link to it....... http://www.24parrot.com/Madeira-II-(Choice-of-2-Colours)-P97231a/ Also dont suppose anyone will know anyone who has the San Remo cage in stock in stone colour? my mum is torn between the 2! Thanks!
  12. Yer I found it cheaper on other sites aswell but coz I bought the cage I got 20% of the cover that goes with it so I was pleased! Just check if the other sit you have found them on have them in stock, Ive called nearly everyone up now I think so I think the bet is the won't have em!....but if you like it then put ur order down asap!
  13. Everywer no luck what so ever! I check everyday like a habit now to see if any1 has recieved stock, but I suppose everyone will get them around the same time, coz they shud all be shipped 2getha..... hopefully! :?
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