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  1. my cockateils didn't like snuggle tents but i found they love a padded bra with the cups sewn together and all the straps cut off is perfect. its big enough to not feel smothered but still snugg!
  2. i still cry every time i see a parrot! even the s*** china ones you see in the sunday papers make me sniff. i'm banned from melbicks for feeding the parrots, ok it was their own organic fruit and veg i was feeding them but if they aint gonna do it... i've h/r ringnecks, cockateils and budgies and they have gone on to make people very happy but after living with amazons its not the same. i love my birds but i miss my babies.
  3. hi all, i've had the pleasure of living with birds for some years but after adopting a very loud red lored amazon (wouldn't go back if i could, he made me so so happy!!!) i had to give up all my babies. we had noise abatement orders etc. (moved house in the end) and a fella who went back to his mommy. i know every bird is different like us but can anyone recommend quiet bird, compared to an amazon? i still have a flock of ringnecks, cockateils and a few pairs of rosellas but i need the company you get from parrots. i've tried h/r but its not the same. im scared of getting another amazon as i can’t loose another one, that would finish me off this time. but i'm all alone. help! :cry:
  4. what happens to all the excaped birds? one nasty bloke said they made great excercise for the local falconry club! and if you saw a little girl running around the balcony with a yellow net that was my sophie! lol!
  5. thanks SG, i know your right its what i suspected but my dads finding it hard to admit she needs peace now. he's keeping her alive for his own good. it was a mammary tumour, she was opperated on at the same day my dad had a diffibrilator (sp?) fitted to his heart. i had to sneek her to the vets while he was away, my dad hopes if he ignores things they wont happen. selfish i know but bless him he loves that dog like shes his child. i dont want force him to take her as he would resent me for it but i'll let you know what happens, thanks again!
  6. my parents 12 yr old mongrel had a cancerous tumour (on her belly) removed about a year ago she recovered well but now has a very swollen hard tummy but she dosent seem to be in any pain. the vets did £200 of blood tests but said only a scan would reveal the problem but they wouldn't opperate anyway because of her age. shes off her food and tired all the time, we know its close to the end now. what do you think would cause the swelling and can we help her in anyway? thanks!
  7. hi ya, i live just outside kingstanding but work in the area, do you know where abouts this poor bird was last seen? its very cold tonight and its been playing on my mind. (i also feel very bad that so many people see this as money up a tree!!!)
  8. you're a darlin' stormbird! see you there? x
  9. what care sheets do i need to sell birds at the stafford show? i've seen the psuk one but it covers parakeets, lorries and macaws. i wanted something a bit better than that. need cockateils, ringnecks, redrump, kakariki and budgies, thanks.
  10. are these birds really so hard to find? after many visits to desford i would love to learn more about them. is the poo really that bad? what would be an average daily menu for them? great mimics but are they screamers? any help would be great, thanks.
  11. they are based in solihull and advertise lost pets. the man who found her called them and matched her up with marge's ad for casper. they are also advertising a cag in walmely (sutton coldfield) stuck up a tree!!! i think that one belongs to someone else from kingstanding, i've been trying to call him. might pop up myself if i dont get hold of him. the poor birds been in the same tree for a few days now.
  12. caspers a great lil bird, im chuffed shes home! cant wait to see her tomorrow, wanted to let her settle in first. got a bag full of treats ready!
  13. casper has been found!!! during a very bad rain storm she spotted an open front door a few miles from home and trotted in! the owner watched her walk in to the living room and climb up his very shocked wifes leg and on to her shoulder. she sat there untill her owners came to get her, thanks to pet search!!! still a little shook up but shes settling in well, already barking at the dogs and swearing like a trooper, bless! thank you pet search!!!
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