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  1. Hi thanks all the aviary is 6 x 3 outside flight and it will be attached sideways on to a 6 x 4 shed. So obviously no more than 6 birds ive been recommended. Noise is no factor to me i had the noisyest conure ever and didnt find it a problem, and aviary will be right at the bottom end of my garden but as neighbours are very moody and moan about EVERYTHING i just dont want to give them an excuse to moan! lol x
  2. ive also been reasearching princess/prince of wales parakeets, some some theyre quiet others say noisey?
  3. Hi madanimallover! thanks for the recommendation, little als mum yes more parrot type id prefer, as suggested 1st the bourkes sound like nice birds im just having a read about them now. thanks 4 all advice so far
  4. hi all i have decided I would really like to try keeping aviary birds. I have thought long and hard about it and would like to do it sensibly by seeking advice and i have been recommend this site and been told its very friendly and helpful. I did join along time ago when i got my grey but forgot i was even a member until I tried to register and it said i was already a member lol. Ok i have some 'moany neighbours' so im looking for a fairly quiet hardy bird. A type thats good for a aviary beginner. I have thought about cockatiels, and also been told that parrotlets are a good starter bird? I will have a outside aviary attached to an indoor shed. any advice at all would be much appreciated.
  5. mmmm well either ive brought the clumbsiest cag in the world or all babys go through it learning to fly! dont get me wrong i know shes a baby, but she loves to be out and wants to be with me all the time, ive covered the mirror and pulled the curtains, and blinds, but shes just randomly flying straight into the walls, its making me cry! she just slides down the wall, and it doesnt bother her at all but worrys me sick, shes goign to injure herself. Can anyone advise how long she she will fly into walls for? and when will she learn about the windows or basically how long should i pull curtains and blinds for? many thanks
  6. Hi yes sorry i didnt explain it very well but i dont put the seed in until evening, shes still not touching it she would rather go hungry i think than eat veg! little monkey!
  7. hi all, id like some advice on getting saffy to eat fruit and veg, im abit worried now, she LOVES her seed mix and im leaving that out the cage until evening time to try and encourage her to eat some of her veggies. when we are having a cuddle she will eat her pomergranete, and loves nectarine and apple, from my hand but i made her a lovely fresh mashed potato and brocolli, and some parsnips, she hasnt eaten them at all, ive made some fresh twice a day everyday, alternating it, ive tried adding some natural yogurt to it as she likes that, but she still turns her nose up! even a bit of honey but no joy, ive also tried feeding it to her by hand/ spoon. any ideas pls?
  8. http://s266.photobucket.com/albums/ii279/lou0504/?action=view&current=10032008013.flv I think this is how you do it, its a bit dark but had to share it! she then flopped on her back and fell asleep on me, awwwww!
  9. Definatly! i was really upset by it, i dont think he will get that kind of money for her her feathers were not in great shape either, hopefully someone will take her on and give her a lovely forever home.x
  10. hiya yes the owner said she was born like it, im a very short 5ft and the cage came up to my chest, but was narrow aswell and the floor was about 1ft of the ground, not major to small as i would have reported it, but still to small for my liking and the bird looked really sad :-( and was sweet.
  11. Hi i loved reading about all your birds, facsincating! bet ur very proud. One of your storys reminds me of a grey i went to see last week with a friend. She was lovely only 16 months, but in a small cage and had a very disabled leg, which bless her didnt bother her and she still climbed etc but i felt sooo sorry for her, the guy was asking £450 as well, and refused to drop.Unfortuneatly my friend wasnt in this much of a financial position to help, so sad x
  12. http://s266.photobucket.com/albums/ii279/lou0504/
  13. Hi all, well im just updating how saffy is getting on as im soooo pleased with her. Since she came home ive just spent time talking to her through her cage getting her used to me. She was BEGGING yesterday at the door to come out chirping away to me, but as i didnt feel she was used to her surroudings i didnt let her out. I went to get her bowls out today to give her fresh water and prepare some fruit and veg and as i opened the door she darted out, and put her head in the way so i couldnt close the door lol! She climbed straight to the top of the cage where there is a stand and she loves it so i let her stay out for a while. She tried to fly to me but had a crash landing so i put her back in as i didnt want her hurting herself. Is this because she panicked in new surroundings, or are crash landings a common occurance when realsing their wings work! Other wise she gave me a lovely cuddle isnt scared of me or my partner at all, and chirps at the doors to play. Im very pleased with her progress. im adding some pics now. bye for now.
  14. Hi all, well i brought saffy home yesterday, shes very well, but trying to take in her new surroundings. Ive talked to her regulary and gentley through the cage, and fed her some fruit and veg through the cage which shes taking to very well. After me sitting by the cage for a few minutes shes fine climbing to see me, but at first when i walk up to the cage shes puffing up like a puffer fish, and growling and shaking, , i expect her to be scared poor baby in her new surroundings, new cage, new toys, new mummy etc. I will keep sitting with her talking to her for a few days and see how it goes and keep u updated, i will also get some pics on. hope ur all well. x
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