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  1. Hi all, I've not posted on here for a real long time. Anyway, Its been a whole year since alfie came to live with us and its been brilliant. He's a great charcter and has livened up our days no end. He's recently tried talking but cant quite grasp it, I know what he's trying to say though, lol. I'll have to get some more pictures of him now that he's a bit older (its just so hard because he never stays still, lol) Here's to another year of senegal filled joy.
  2. LOL, should have stated beeping for human food, especially his favourite, he absolutely loves Chips, we only allow him 1 or 2 and then we have to eat them in the other room so that he's not eyeballing you through his cage bars, beeping and making you feel sorry for him.
  3. Just a little update on Alfie's Vocab, lol. He now wolf whistle's, does various budgie noises, immitates the phone, does some other whistle (I don't know where he got it from, lol) and his alltime favourite has to be beeping for food. He seems to be adding new sounds weekly.
  4. Hi everyone, I know this is an old topic but I thought what I have to say is relevant to this one so I'll give you a little update in here. Lily went home last night. Her owner came last night and took her home. She only live up the street so we can visit here whenever we like, but I just dont trust here to take care of Lily. Dont know what else to say really but thanks to all that have helped with suggestions on getting Lily better. Thanks all, Richard and family.
  5. Dont know if this is in the right area or if its any good but I found this website full of bird care sheets. Here it is http://animal-world.com/PetsAnimalsCareSheetIndex.htm#PetBirds
  6. My 2 are coming on for 1 and half soon, they're little bundles of attitude, lol. I love budgies. I think my first ever bird was a budgie (or was it a canary), lol.
  7. ...Well not quite bath time but he emptied his water bowl everywhere, lol. I heard him squarking from upstairs so I popped down to see what he was upto and found this... Soaking wet parrot, lol. And what do you think of his pose.
  8. Hi, Have been owned by a sennie for about 2 months now and its been a joy. All I can say is what they are a little bird with a big bird personality. And really entertaining, I watch Alfie more than the tele. And he dosn't vocalise as loud or all day as some of the other species do. I'd recommend a sennie to anybody.
  9. Just a little update for you all, The Palm nuts and Feather up has arrived. She wont touch the palm nuts and just throws them to the bottom of her cage, so doe's anyone have any suggestions on how I could get her eating them (she realy don't like new things). Alfie the senegal likes them though, are they ok for senegals. Would palm nut oil possobly be better for her, as I could put that in her Mashed potato. She's also taking the feather up but it has to be well hidden, usually in her mashed potato, which she loves.
  10. Brilliant, Thanks a lot vikky. I'll add that to my order straight away Thanks for PM, that was an interesting read. We'll have Lily growing a nice new outfit in no time with the help im getting from you guys.
  11. Hi MMM, Is this the "feather up" product you mentioned above. Im about to order some stuff from 24 parrots and its available there. Thanks, Richard.
  12. Thanks, MMM. I'll have a proper look at the feather up tomorrow as I am in work at the moment (naughty me) but it looks like a good product. I hope it helps as it'd be lovely to see Lily in good feather. Thanks to everyone who's replied.
  13. david. how much a kilo are your palm nuts. and how would i go about paying. are there any other foods you could suggest. cheers, richard.
  14. hi. david. i should have said that she is fed less peanuts, as before coming to us peanuts made up about 70-75% of her diet. im finishing work at 10 tonight so i'll pop in to get some wallnuts for her. where could i get hold of some palm nuts as mentioned by vikki. thanks, richard
  15. Hi everyone. Just wondering if you could suggest some ways that I could get our CAGs feathers back to how they should be. She was pretty poorly treated by her previous people and I think its through the boredom and stress she endured being locked in her cage with 1 toy and lack of good diet that she ruined her feathers. Her's a pic of Lily, you can see thats she's a bit scruffy, I don't have any pis of when she first arrived but she looks a lot better now. She now has a good diet (plenty of fresh fruit and veg and less nuts), she has a misting every morning (because her feathers look really dry) I was thinking of adding some of this http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=274 to her misting water to see if that helps a little. But i was wondering if there were any other supplements out there that would help her along. Any help and advice would be great. Thanks, Richard.
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