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  1. HI I rescued a mealy Amazon over a week ago. The cage he came with is far to small so he has had the run of my kitchen, but I do not like to leave him out when I am not there in case he gets in trouble, so I have to put him in the cage. I have been offered a cage which is quite large and would house him comfortably, but it has some rust on the bars where the paint is pealing off. My husband said he would be able to clean off the rust and give it a new coat of paint so I am a little stuck is there a paint that we could use safely? The cage is very nice but it had been stored in a garage for a while but apart from the bars it would make a lovely area for him while I am away from home ( which is not very often there is always one of us hear) thanks for any input karen
  2. Hi I have done some more research in to our new addition and the chap who we had if from was right he is an amazon but wrong he is a mealy amazon. I feel a bit of a fool now by the heading of this post. He is still very nice bird though and is starting to eat the fruit and veg, he is having a good spray down every morning now not happy about it but not over distraught either so it looks as if we are on a winning streak I just want to get his feet sorting so all in all we are doing brilliant. A little step everyday is better than a huge step forward and then a huge step back.
  3. Thanks for the good advice everyone. I have not long got in from work and have chopped all the fruit and veg for the birds, when I looked across the kitchen their was John the OWA ( my daughter wants to find another name for him ?) hanging off the front of his cage. I took him over some of the fruit and veg and he picked up a big piece of celery and is munching away as we speak. I am so pleased I can not wait to get him on his feet properly he is such a love. My main concern are his feet but I shall wait and see how he goes on with them.
  4. Thank you for your replies, he is still very wary of us (to be expected) I rewashed him I am not popular though. Poor thing smells badly of ciggy smoke I will spray him again tomorrow will I be ok to spry him every day? His cage is very small so I am going to look for a bigger one this next few days when I am off work, but he does not want to come out bless him. I have put a concrete perch suitable for amazons in his cage at the top and he is using this I wonder if this will make much impact on his nails or should I clip them? sorry if I appear to be a pest but I am really grateful for everyone's advice and a big thank you. xx
  5. Hi I am looking for some advice. Yesterday a chap knocked my door and asked me if I would take in his brothers OWA as they did not wanted it and if they did not home him he would take drastic measures. I had a chat with my family and we agreed that we would home him. I have other birds in the house and they rule our lounge, so I have put the new bird in our kitchen I have no where else to quarantine him. I do have some aviary's outside but he has only been indoors and the same principals apply. He is in a poor condition his nails are very long his feathers are very scruffy and dull, under his wings feathers are missing. The chap we had the bird from has had him for 2 years and his brother had him for 3 before that in his first home he used to pluck his feathers from under his wings and his legs, but when he went to the second brother he stopped. I dont think he has been on a very good diet at all he had been having a fruity parrot mix. I have scrubbed and power washed his cage as it was well I would not like to say I am wondering if the condition he has been kept in would affect his feathers? When I got in from work this morning I uncovered him and had a chat he is beautiful he is mild mannered the chap told us he could be nice and then turn ( but I think that goes for us all) I have sprayed him with warm water and a drop of baby shampoo to see if he would preen himself but he has just sat there ( I have put the heating on for him to help him dry off). I have given him a half bowl of seed and topped it with fruit and veg but he has not gone to the bowl he has had a few pine nuts out of my hand but that is it. I make up fruit and veg pulp by juicing them up and the mixing the juice and pulp together I then freeze it in ice cubes, I mix this with emp and give it to my breeding birds along with fruit and veg I am going to give him some of this mix at lunch time. If any one has any advice I will appreciate it very much.xx
  6. Hi I am wondering if any one knows about freezing pomegranate's my dad has told me he thinks that they can be frozen but we are not 100% sure. My birds and children go mad over them. Sometime they are on special at the supermarket but I only get what I need in case they spoil.
  7. Thanks for that that is reassuring it is looking good so with any luck this might be a turning point
  8. HiI had to bring in one of the conure babies and the other egg did not hatch, the chick was fully formed but did not make it out of the egg. I have been feeding the chick every 2 hours for the last 10 days now, I am wondering if any one could give me some advice please, when I bought the chick in it weighed 4 grams, I have weighed it every day and it has lost a gram and then gained it back. The last 2 days it has gained a gram a day so it now weighs 7 grams. I have looked everywhere to try and find out what chick should weigh but I can not find any info. He is very eager for his food and he is looking well, but I would just like to know roughly what weights I should be looking at.
  9. Thanks very much I would not have got this far without your help.
  10. Thanks everyone, this morning I have chopped the fruit up very small and I have mashed it in to the egg food and even though she comes out for her fruit I have left well alone.
  11. any ideas on what kind of cameras to get and where from. I have been feeding emp with sweetcorn but they would not eat it so I chop up there fruit and veg and coat it with the emp , I have tried a few different brands but they are not keen on any. I give them plenty of apple, mango, pomegranate, sugar snap peas, sweetcorn, they have this twice a day along side with verslarga parrot breeder. Do you fit the camera in the box?
  12. Hi I have a dilemma I have a pair of green cheek conures , the hen got egg bound at the beginning of last month she never bothered with these eggs so I move the 2 of them. the week after she has laid 5 more and 3 of the eggs are fertile. Yesterday she hatched the first chick ( I check nest boxes every morning when they are eating there fruit and veg) when I checked this morning I found the chick buried under the shavings dead and very cold, it had a little mark on its wing but nothing else it was perfect but it had not been fed as there was no food in its crop. I am now concerned and wondering what to do with the other 2 eggs if they hatch. I can not foster them out as my other pair have not laid at all so would not know what to with them. The sad thing is I do not know much about the pair as we got them from stafford show in october and my son and daughter fell in love with them so we bought them we bought them as proven but that is all I know. Any help would be gratefully received thanks karen
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