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  1. well i orderd my first 5kg of nutricrunch on 18/2/2008 at around 9pm and it arrived this morning 20/2/2008. will try it with bobby in the morning. thanks david for your advice on the phone. tony.
  2. hi everyone. i brought some seed and fruit mix from a pet shop that sells african greys., but it is full of sunflower seeds and monkey nuts which i have been told is like eating mcdonalds. i have been told about whitmullon (spelling?) and fruity parrot. are these any good? need to know whats good and where to get it from. cheers tony.
  3. help yourself. look at my album below.
  4. vlee have a look here. http://robharvey.com/parrot-food.html
  5. just tried mine with fresh grapes and carrot and he chucked them straight out the cage so sticking with dry fruit. you can also buy packets of dry fruit from the super market about 50p a bag.
  6. i brought some dry fruit and seed mix. it has dried fruit in it. ie berries banana monkey nuts ect plus he gets seed as well. or try him with 100% mixed fruit juice from the super market and put it in his water bowl.
  7. have you tried dry fruit? my cag loves dry banana.
  8. ive got some pics now of bobby. hope you like them.
  9. i have now uploaded some pics of my new member of the family. hope ive done it right. http://s256.photobucket.com/albums/hh173/tony10_album/
  10. hi im a new member and just brought my first cag bobby. he is secondhand only 8 months old and very tame and confident. he steps up and comes over when called. just been out to get some fruit mixed seed and he seems to love dried banana, i have recieved some excellent information off people on here already when i was thinking of getting bobby. anyhoo hello everyone.
  11. have brought some of the above mentioned and was woundering how often to give it my grey. the instuctions say mix in his water daily but i was thinking if this maybe to much. cheers tony.
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