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  1. Fantastic pics on your photobook w6eva :-) Can I ask w6eva how you find living with your Macaws? Also are their wings clipped or are they very good and fly back to you? Thanks Dean
  2. I don't know anyone with a Macaw so open to offers to go and see one close to Cambridgeshire :-)
  3. I quite like the idea of you having peasants living in the bottom of your garden :wink: I think they're ex Arsenal football players ;-) tut tut!! :twisted: :wink: Yes, it's true they are ex Arsenal but they are not peasants as they were all over paid football nancy boys ;-)
  4. I don't know if bird breeders do this?? But when I got my Rottie I had to sign a contract saying that if I was ever to want to rehome the dog that he would have to go back to the breeder and that I could not just get rid. Very responsible I thought and it stops a lot of dogs ending up in the wrong hands. I would of thought that would be a great idea for something as fragile as a macaw if breeders aren't already doing so?? I'm not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs, just gathering knowledge :-)
  5. I quite like the idea of you having peasants living in the bottom of your garden :wink: I think they're ex Arsenal football players ;-)
  6. I haven't got to that stage yet but I would have thought that it is likely to be a baby. However it doesn't have to be and I would always take advice from someone who knows before I make a final decision. I can say that I will not be buying from a pet shop under any circumstances.
  7. Thanks for all the experience shared. Is every B & G the same or are they being a little type cast here??? I own a Rottie and he's my best friend and would not hurt a fly, as from a very young age I trained him and taught him what is right and wrong. I'm sure many of you will know, they have a bad reputation but it is not true of every Rottie, just the one's who have been owned by people who have not had the commitment or intelligence to train. Not to mention the irrespossible breeders who breed from the wrong parents...! Is this the case with macaws??? ie a bad mannered macaw will produce bad mannered off spring...!!! Dean Ps I'm not put off yet but instead making sure I cover everything before I start my search for a perfect companion :-)
  8. I think I have no noise covered as I can blame it on the peasants that nest in the trees at the bottom of our garden, jolly noisey they can be in the middle of the night if there's a fox about :-)
  9. So let me get this right...!!! They can; type on a keyboard answer the telephone bark like a dog rearrange your furnishings Make a mess (lots of it) they turn you into gooners (whatever they are ;-) They're actually monkeys in disguise when not acting like children Cost a fortune And provide love in the form of biting your lips off Is there any bad points??? Lol
  10. If they need a good 12 hours, my office will probably be perfect. Cos I start at 7 in the mornings and lock the office up at 7 at night, so she'd get 12 undisturbed hours every night :-) Do they cope well on their own or should I be looking at getting two. I'm sure they probably harder to train in pairs??
  11. In relation to bringing her over to the house in the evenings. Don't they need piece and quiet when you put them to bed or do they still like to know or perhaps feel that you're about?
  12. Firstly, I will not get a parrot until I'm 100 % happy that I will be commited to looking after her for life. Probably my life more than hers, as I haven't got another 80 years, hopefully a good 50 more, lol I'm considering a B & G or Green Wing. Space is not an issue as I 'm probably going to keep her in our office. This will mean that she will have contact throughout most of the day, coupled with views overlooking the cattery, so lots to look at. This will hopefully help with her social skills as she will meet lots of people on a weekly basis. One thing I know is that Macaws need lots of interaction and the more the better, as long as it's surpervised it can only help the her become more people friendly (I'm happy to be corrected if this is not the case) Plus it will mean that when she is put to bed, she will have complete peace and quiet of an evening. I will probably also build her an outside aviary for during the day when it's sunny. What's the costs involved? Insurance Feed Cage Vets fees Toys Is there anything else cost wise that I have missed? Noisey?? What constitutes being noisey?? Is it occasional squarks or something more sinister. My closest neighbour is about 50 metres away, I realise that sound travels but would this upset neighbours that far away? Thanks Dean
  13. Hi All I have been reading the forum amongst other internet info in regards to buying a Macaw or two. I have no previous experience apart from owning budgies and canaries as a boy. I'm now alot older and have different priorities in life and everything I do I do properly. My family, which consists of my partner Jo, our 20 month old daughter Logan, Ripley the Rottie, Alfie the bull mastiff cross and Tommy the Cat. Not forgetting the Koi pond which I built last year and and most importantly, the cats and dogs that come to holiday with us at our small family run kennels and cattery in Cambridgeshire. Running our kennels from home means that we always have someone at home which is a good start to owning a macaw. What I would like from the forum is friendly advice in relation to owning a macaw. Including the good and bad points as I want to know that we as a family are making the right decision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Dean, Jo, Logan, Ripley, Alfie, Tom and everyone else :-)
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