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  1. enigmastaff

    we have our first baby(blue and gold macaw)

    lol Jackie - he has had a few years practice now! he should be getting it right !! Let me know, his old mammy and daddy are always asking after him, and now we have parrots they miss him even more! .................now where can I fit a new baby???? lol - will have to wait a few years me thinks - maybe when eldest (now almost 16) leaves home - unless of course a rescue came along before.....................................
  2. enigmastaff

    we have our first baby(blue and gold macaw)

    awww Jackie, Sausage and Chips are beautiful - well you know I think that! I am sooooo going to have a B&G baby one day !!
  3. enigmastaff

    congo or tag. (New member mike777)

    I have a rescue TAG, been with us since Sunday. He has been put into a very large cage, all new toys, perches etc, he has been out, had strange people in the room whilst he has been out, and not even ruffled a feather. EVEN stepped up and kissed me yesterday - he was supposed to not be very tame. My CAG is a funny one, she hates anything new in her cage, this morning I had to remove the 'snuggle hut' that I put in her cage last night as she point blank refused to leave the floor of the cage until it was gone! She will not try anything new straight off (apart from playlinks) and anything new has to be introduced very slowly. So my experience? - TAGs - very laid back and take change with a pinch of salt Cags - very highly strung and any change needs introducing slowly BOTH however are wonderful!!! and I wouldn't now be without either of them.
  4. enigmastaff

    OFFERED : Holiday Home offered in Wiltshire

    not available at the moment due to a rescue TAG with an unknown background. Wouldn't take the chance with putting anyones beloved pets at risk with being currently unable to quarranteen any other bird. (my own is in the living room and the rescue will be in the dining room which would ordinarily used for holiday takers!)
  5. enigmastaff

    WANTED: Someone to look after CAG for a week in July

    Hi Guys ordinarily I would have been pleased to offer a holiday home, but I am about to take on a rescue TAG (on sunday) and therefore would not have a quarranteen room to hold/house another bird. The TAG I am taking on has been a house with a CAG, and my own CAG is in the only other closed off room (the living room) I would hate to put anyones beloved pets at risk through not being able to quarranteen and without knowing the full background of the rescue I am taking on, I would just rather not take the chance at the moment. I do hope you understand. Ems x
  6. enigmastaff

    Progress with lil' Luis

    there are days when Daisy isn't really cuddly and super friendly and on those days I just give her space. Ordinarily when she is let out, she spends most of the evening with me, on these 'odd' days, she spends most of it on top of her cage, either taking her mood out on all her toys or just chilling. Either way is her choice and I just go with the flow - if she is in a particularly 'bitey' mood and she is on me when it starts, I will put her on her cage, and keep doing that until she decides that she is not going to win and she either flies back down and gives me a cuddle or she stays on top of the cage and sulks because I have refused to be a chew for her lol. Without seeing what he is like tonight. tomorrow and for the next few days, I would not like to suggest that he has made a permanent change for the worst, better to see what happens over the next few days - good luck!
  7. enigmastaff

    we have our first baby(blue and gold macaw)

    OOOOO babies !!! congrats Jackie! I am sure these will turn out as gorgeous as your previous babies one day I am going to come and get one...............................................
  8. enigmastaff

    Severe Macaws (Wally & Dolly)

    congrats !!! and good luck with the baby
  9. enigmastaff

    Cage help please...

    thanks Pippy, she is 8 months old now and sooo funny. She is from Vikky on here.
  10. enigmastaff

    Cage help please...

    Ecco is a lovely name and thank you, Daisy is wonderful and we love her loads and loads - cant imagine life without her now
  11. enigmastaff

    Cage help please...

    i have almost the same cage now, its a great size and Daisy is loving the playtop! the only downfall of mine is it only has 2 swing cups. I have had to attach a bolt on holder and cup, and a small treat cup
  12. fantastic news, was following this closely as I have followed Willows stories since I joined this forum looking for a CAG for ourselves. I was so relieved to read she is home, and shed a happy tear for you Ems xxxx
  13. enigmastaff

    strange dream !!

    had a very strange dream last night, dreamt that Daisy (CAG) plucked herself bald and laid 10 eggs :shock: :shock: :shock: was very pleased when I went down to her this morning that she wasnt a mum and was fully clothed !!! very unsettling though :?