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  1. Bakewell, I'm so sorry I missed this, that's absolutely amazing, as RubyToo rightly said, You are very talented It took an email from RubyToo to show me what I'd missed. Lol, what can I say, late again, story of my life, Hehe :oops: If you ever fancy a holiday up this way, I have a blank wall ready for you :wink:
  2. Lol, what Don't think I'm going to get away with it though, they're showing so many clips on the telly now, I'm running out of excuses Ooo, Marian I'm with you, any chance of a photo Bakewell? Pretty please
  3. Yep, that's me Can't wait for it to come out, even contemplating leaving the kids at home so I can enjoy it in peace and quiet, Lol
  4. Here's Nigel...............The Evil (Mis-understood) Too
  5. Hi Everyone, Good News Little wren is now back where she belongs Yesterday she was still a bit dazed, so managed to get a few drops of poly aid into her, and put her back to rest. Then went on a gathering spree, Lol. Mixed up disgestive and weetabix, then went bug hunting, caught a few spiders and found some black fly, so brought the plant in. Moved her into a bigger cage with all her bits and pieces, and left her to it, not sure how many, if any of the spiders she ate, so probably have some new lodgers in the spare room, Lol Checked on her this morning, and she was like a new birdie, obviously the tick had been pulling her down, and she was so much better in herself. Kept her in till lunchtime, when it was warmer, and then took her out to let her go. Had to take the cage outside, as I couldn't get near her to catch her, she was sooo quick, which I took as a good sign, opened the cage and off she went. So for once, a happy ending Thanks for all the help
  6. Ooo, didn't think of that, will give that a go, rather that than spider hunting
  7. Just been reading what they eat, insects and spiders, Lol this should be fun! Have spoken to RSPB they recommend calling the RSPCA, who are worse than useless, so no help there, but thanks for the idea PM
  8. Help, have just been brought a little Wren, who had a tick attached to her eyelid :sick: Have managed to remove the tick, and bathed her eye, and she has a cut on her shoulder which I bathed with F10, and she's now wrapped up somewhere warm, dark and quiet. Now what else do I do for her? What can I give her to eat? Anyone know? Hayley
  9. Well, I've watched it, and could understand where the owners are coming from, but would like to think if I was ever in that position I could do the right thing for the animal. By all means, explore all options, but if there's no improvement, then I think it's borderline cruelty, especially in the case of the rabbit, to me he had no quality of life
  10. Not watched it yet, what with fids, kids, work and the occasional bit of sleep, Lol, will try and watch tonight Just went to Channel 4 and searched under the name. Very rarely watch telly, so when I hear of a good show I have invariably missed, good to know the back up channels
  11. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/special-needs-pets/4od#3053289 Above link should take you to the program
  12. 0.027 :shock: But I'll still vote, not quite sure why though, they're all as bad as each other
  13. Gypsy used to follow the hoover around, fluffing herself up in the air that come's out of the back of it, she used to follow me all round the house. Had to be careful not to run her over :shock:
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