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    I took Jasper my jardines parrot outside in the rain the other day in his outdoor cage. He absolutely loved it! He enjoyed a jolly good soak. I think he thinks hes a duck as he really likes coming in the shower with me as well. The rain is something im definately going to do again with him when its warm enough. A nice natural touch.
  2. P.S. I believe its especially good for greys as has more calcium in.
  3. I think they are big on Harrisons over in Canada. Thats where I first heard about it. I met a lady who had a massive parrot toy store, and she sung its praises (and wasnt on the comission thing with me cause she knew I was just visiting there and wasnt going to buy any). My jardines loves it. He takes them one by one over to his water bowl, and dips each one in. Its one of the first things he goes for! He also has a good seed mix, fruit, veg pulses etc. The lady advised me (and it worked for me) if you want to get your bird to try it for the first time, and they are reluctant to, then put some pomegranate juice over the Harrisons. I like to use it cause I worry that my birds might miss something important out of their diet due to my ignorance, and I have confidence that this stuff (indeed fed with a wide varied mix of other foods) might put something important into him!
  4. Yea, some of the tricks did. You need lots of patience though!
  5. Ive got a DVD set by a lady called Tani Robar and her fantastic performing parrots. OK, it sounds a bit cheesy, its american, but very entertaining for parrot lovers. The first DVD in the set is her parrot show with her collection of birds, then there is DVD1-beginners tricks, 2-intermediate tricks, and 3 advanced tricks. She teaches you how to teach the tricks using her training methods and ideas.
  6. i cant remember any incident, but i do remember one of the ladies that worked for the lady i got him from kept flicking his beak when he was nibbling her (as they do when they are young). i wonder if this made him wary of hands. he never used to be like this with me though, which is why i thought it might be the 2s thing. do you guys think a parrot behaviourist would be a good thing to invest in, or a waste of money?
  7. ok, the back in the cage thing seems to be working slowly but surely. im sure i am starting to see improvements. he has started to cotton on though, and will take a chunk out of my hand, then fly straight off. i go to make him step up, and then he lurches. should i just walk away, or brave the pain, get him to step up, then put him back in? or does that teach him that stepping up leads to going back in? thank you for the advice. have tried to upload a photo so you can see the offender, but cant get it to work. joel
  8. thanks for the advice jebirds. i have done this on occasion when he has been really bad, but will start doing it as a routine to be consistent, and will report of my progress.
  9. OK. The biting is still occuring, and my hand is now quite badly scared, with new wounds appearing every other day! Any more suggestions? How long will this last???
  10. Oh well, best be safe than sorry eh. Works as a brilliant bird friendly, natural room deodouriser though! Rather than all those dodgy sprays and oils!!!
  11. Hi all, Off the top of your heads, are Jasmine flowers safe for birds to eat? Bought one from the garden ctr yesterday and it smells lovely, wondering if it tastes as good as it smells (for the bird!)
  12. How do you upload a photo, so when you post, there is a picture underneath??? Is it that avatar thing under profile? Many thanks, Joel
  13. Hi, its gets really really busy, noisy, cold and loud down there! It might freak your parrot out a bit. If your travelling rush hour, be prepared for being pushed and shoved, and being crammed into the trains like sardines. Personally i wouldnt do tube with a parrot in tow! joel
  14. Thank you and perfect timing, just put another 25 mins on the timer! :-)
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