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  1. Sorry abit off topic but you took your parrots on holiday with you??!! How did you manage it? Because I want to take my cag on holiday too but I understand needs quarantine? Or do you mean on the way dropping them off at someones house?
  2. That's great news! Glad Zu is doing well!
  3. I can't seem to find a thread on sweet potatoes. Today I boiled some sweet potatoes for Chewy, mashed it up and spoon fed him. Each spoonful he went "yummmm" (he picked it up from me when I try tempt him with my dinner) He really enjoyed it and was also whistling inbetween each feed! With normal boiled potatoes he wasn't as keen. I was wondering other than boiled and baked, can these be given raw? Anyone elses parrots love sweet potatoes? They are very good but shame it causes him to have runny poops! I heard that Yam is also a big hit with parrots. I think I'll try those next time
  4. Good luck with the rest of the babies!
  5. VLee

    At last!

    Wow such lovely moments beautifully captured!
  6. yeah right! I'm thinking the same thing. I'm envious of debrambell's house. It's like wood everywhere. It's a parrots paradise
  7. lol mine does that too when I take him to my mums. He loves to fly on top of the ceiling fans. Nice pics debrambell!
  8. Chewy just aims for the pea part, picks it out and eats it and leaves the rest Sugar snap peas is the first thing he goes for inside his fruit and veg bowl. He eats it before he eat his pomegranates :shock:
  9. I took out some pieces of wood from the Diamond Bridge item on 24parrot and placed the till roll through there Till rolls seems to be a big hit with my bird, I think I'll hunt on ebay for some more
  10. I use a duvet cover to cover my birds cage. There are no loose strings on it and also thankfully my cag does not climb around the cage when the cage is covered so one less thing to worry about for me. Thanks for letting us know!
  11. IT's so frightening when I hear about things like this. Sorry for your loss and thanks for letting us know. Does anyone know if sisal rope perches are ok in cages? I have 2 in Chewy's cage now, I removed his coloured cotton perch because it keeps fraying (as he chews on it alot). He tried to chew on sisal ones but can't really do much damage to it.
  12. I was going to get pinatas but then I changed my mind because I didn't like the way it was made (hangs on a piece of string) My cag could easily strangle himself with it.
  13. Thanks for letting us know and I'm glad Zu is fine! Going to check on my babies toys too!
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