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    Hi Matty, your best bet is to take the picture you want to as many tattooists in your area as you can, get them to do a rough copy for you too see what it would look like. I had mine done in Ruislip. a heck of a distance from you. I had to wait 8 months as their waiting list is very long.
  2. I had a racing pigeon visit me a few years back when I had chickens, I managed to catch it, & contact its owner through the racing pigeon register. He asked me to take the bird about twenty miles away & release it. which I willingly did. The bird arrived home the next day & the gent was so grateful He event sent me a thankyou card & told me he had named the bird after me. It was a young bird & its first race hence the straying. If you cant catch it, try not to put any food out for a few days & it should then move on & find its way home ( this is what the gentleman told me) Hope this helps
  3. there are a great many over this way. I regularly see a pair flying over my house.. and seen hundreds along the m40. I also drive over to st tiggywinkles late last year & going through Aylesbury the sky was full of them!!! Stunning birds
  4. Hi juliewinniesmum I've just looked at your past posts & from what I read, this one wouldn't be yours. for one it has no leg ring. & is the wrong colour. So sorry to disapoint but please don't give up.
  5. Cockateil found in cranford area earlier today, currently safe housed with me
  6. A blind parrot , does he manage all on his own ? She manages perfectly well. At first I didn't realise she was blind. I thought she was brain damaged. as she would come out of her cage & fly backwards bashing into the ceiling & walls & would just go round in circles on the floor using her beak as a guide. on this basis I just took the time to place my hands either side of her head very close to her eyes without making a sound & got absolutely no reaction. Since talking to a few people & realising that she is blind I had her wings clipped for her own saftey. She manages perfectly well in her cage finds her food & water with no problem & has made friends with my quaker. She is quite happy & chirps away (being the noisyest out of the lot) but doesn't want to be handled. (Understandably) as soon as she feels skin her beak digs in very very hard. So I've decided to not try to handle her too much.
  7. a maid & nanny lol and a personal trainer that looked like captain jack sparrow
  8. My greys are Poppy because of the tail colour, & Parker because he is so nosey. Quaker Bertie was already named, My blind ringneck Forest as she was found in the woods & is a lovely green, Then Stanley the conure as he loves to bop to the laurel & hardy tune
  9. Ooh sounds like a plan. I bet the tattoo Of a grey I have on my back would look good with rhinestones on the tail & a few silver ones on the wiings.
  10. I would like to read informative posts which are short and to the point. not a thesaurus
  11. So does this mean if we parrot owners take these above courses, we would then me more qualified than someone who has no formal parrot behavioural qualifications? lol
  12. http://www.bca.ac.uk/courses/pt/animal_pt.htm#birds heres a quick course on pet bird husbandry and behaviour
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