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  1. lol thats was one happy bird playing with the tea bags
  2. hi folks, i known it was awhile ago since i made this post but thought i would post an update for those who may be suffering the same type of problem. after several return visits to the doctor and several different steroid cream we have come up with one that seems to control the problem most of the time. which is great news. so do not give up.
  3. hi flower, i know i am new to all this really, had my gray for 18 months. he can be one noisy monster. i tried the ignoring him method, with no success. so i thought to my self what can i do. will everyone but me is out during the day so i thought what the hell. i put on some loud music and sang along the gray joined in. what a noise we made. but he was quiet that night. so thats what i do now, during the day we have a noise time. which seems to help him understand when he can scream and when not.
  4. hi della, in your case i think the benefits outweigh the downside.
  5. we already do this, when things are bad. but constant use means you become resistance to the drug. although it is better to use a little and often to maintain protection for say, hayfever. our doc has advised against constance use
  6. thanks maryrose, my daughter is already dairy free as she is intolerate.we have a veggie diet. i looked to her diet first to see if they was anything i was overlooking. i have also checked cleaning produces. i have not heard of the oats tip. does anyone know how this works please. it sounds like one to try.
  7. that was to be my point Dream Cream.contacted the people at this to find the active ingredient to be rose water, absolute(vodka) chamomile & lavender oil. hhhmmm might smell nice, but not really useful.as we tried these herbal produces when she was younger. but thank you for your advice
  8. thank you jay for your advice. i wash my daughter bedding once a week and keep the bedroom doors shut. please tell me, do you use a shake a vac product or do you wet wash your carpet? filtersfrom i have never heard of it could you perhaps explain what it is please? also do you have an air filter upstairs?
  9. first off thank you for posting. my daughter eczema flared up in the early summer when the weather was not too hot or too cold. we have never used scented products either to bathe in or wash clothes or clean the house. i am very interested in herbal products but find much to my disappointment a lack of success on my daughters skins although there have proved good for my dry skin, ok i get eczema too. my bro also had radiotherapy and Chemotherapy therapy and is now all clear. he works in a bio lab with his wife i will ask him about Dream Cream. i am sure if there is any research out there he will let me know once again i would like to thank you for your help.
  10. thank you all for the welcome
  11. hi there, Greenwingmax, thanks for your comment. my daughter is already using diprobase cream to wash with and uses a Steroid cream. the air filter is one from rob harvey's too we leave it turned on 24 hours a day. yes the air filter removes some of the dust. i can not clean it as i can't breathe if i do, so hubby cleans it. my hubby also does the big clean of the cage, because he works away during the week i have to do the daily clean. thank you for your advice
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