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  1. hi thanks for the concern, the house is never left empty so someone always around, they really are getting on so well togther, they sit side by side and play togther all the time, the only time they fall out is when one of them trys to climb on top of the other if one is coming down from a high point in the cage. we will keep a close eye on them but at the moment they are like close friends, the older bird has never seen another parrot since it left the breeder years ago but is been so gentle with the baby as of yet there has been no sign of nastyness from either bird towards the other. and really cant wait to purchase a macaw, who will of course have his own cage.
  2. sorry if this is the wrong locaton. joined up in 2008 when i got my first african grey, but admitaly have not been around very much. billy my first parrot is still dooing fit and well. yesterday i bought another one lol, a 14 week old baby, bought him or her from the same breeder and we called him/her frankie. brought it home and within 2 hours it is now quite happily living in the same cage is billy, they seem to get on really well togther and pruning each other and playing togther. billy the first parrot has for a few years tried to bring up its food for me and do a weird little dance, billy late last night started bring back up food to try and feed the baby, and the baby parrot was loving this, i was totaly amazed at how well these 2 got ontogther they are both still in the same cage pruing right now. but we aint finihsed here, we haveour hearts set on a macaw, and once i pay off the new baby (put some of his cost on a credit card) we are having one, once again from the same breeder. i will try and upload a video i shot last night of the older parrot feeding the baby, it was so cute to watch
  3. hi and welcome, hope you decide on a african grey lol
  4. about 15 weeks old now, been at home with us 2 weeks, started stepping up at day 5, he has today day 13 done his first wolf whistle back to me.
  5. many thanks for the reply especialy the one in Breeding Advice & Queries ( i can not say thanks in that area) you have put my mind at ease, i just did not want to find myself in the position where they would lay eggs, rear them for a few month or so and then start laying eggs straight away again. thanks all
  6. what make and model of camera are you using? even my 10 megapixel digital camera can not take pics like that
  7. if i eventually got a breeding pair of cags, would they just continuasly lay eggs? is it possible somehow to stop them breeding, ie if took nest box away would they stop? i would like to try my hand at breeding eventually, but as i dont want to make a living from this i just wanted to know if its possible to stop breeding birds laying eggs. many thanks
  8. no experiences with tresspasers at all, its just something i will not even risk, also have no intention of opening up a breeding factory either lol, it would be nice eventually to have some babies reared by there parents that we can keep as pets (why buy them when you can breed them yourself)
  9. i have recently added a new addition to our family, unsure of its sex, so for now we have named "it" billy, we will be getting a dna sexing very shortly, either boy or girl can still use this name. my grandparents had a grey for many many years, and i always sais wen i was older i would have my own bird. our billy is about 13 to 14 weeks old and we have had him home 10 days now and he has settled in quite well, his wings are not clipped and i have no intentio of dooing this to our cag i do want more cags with a view if trying my hand at breeding. we have our baby who will simply be a pet, with no view on breeding this bird, i would also like to take in a older bird (rehoming, badly treated etc) to also become a pet. and in the near future obtain birds for breeding, this will all be done indoors, as we have no garden and even if we did i would still take the indoor route, as it would break our hearts if any bird wa stolen or indeed harmed by tresspasers etc. this site will also be our new home, as it seems there are some rather dodgy people out there that would sell me breeding birds nowing fine well they are 2 males or 2 females etc. here is some photos of billy for now. click :arrow: http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x225/leeroy2007/S1030659999.jpg click :arrow: http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x225/leeroy2007/S1030653.jpg (edited by moderator - images a wee bit large. )
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