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  1. a quick up date, william is fine, he hasn't stopped chatting so much for him missing his girlfriend, and as for fred my dog he is fine after going vets tiwce and leaving them a gift, lol, he ended up with the jab to stop him from being sick so i went to pay and he throw up tiwce, bless him, all he has been allowd is chicken and rice (all 3 dogs have been on the same stuff), tonight is the first night he has had dog biscuits...
  2. oh yes, pets do cost, not that i moaning about paying or taking him to the vets, it's just 1 of them things, it's the run of bad luck, and things happeren in 3's so i'm woundering what the 3rd is going to be,..
  3. william was right when he said it's going to be a s**t week, i've just got back from the vets with the dog and im now 71.26 lighter... due to him drinking water from the garden, nightmare...
  4. yes it is hotfoot jackson, some days i just sit there and watch the wild birds, and we have a 2 differeant breeds of bird of pray up that i know of, and all that in northampton, some days i find myself just sitting there talking to my girls (all 11),
  5. with willam he can be very rude with the stuff he says and the noises he comes out, he does belong to my oldest but lives downstairs as a famerly pet, i've told my son what ever you do dont get marrierd due to willam, as you wount be able to bring the vicar round, lol, with william he can laugh, fart, swear, do the dripping nosie of a tap, purr's like a cat when you stoke his head and he also says thankyou when you give him treats which is more than my kids do..
  6. thankyou, he seem's happy (if thats the right word), he's chatty and eatting, he has 3 birdie friends (not in the same cage thro), 2 teils and a very old budgie... for the last yr or so, we have had a lot of ups and downs, we lost summer april 09 then we got gwen ( german shep x belgium shep) towards the end of 09 due to me not coping well with the loss, then we nearly lost snowflake (westie x) twice over the last yr and have been told that if her spine/back goes again she may not pull through she's 11 this yr, then last month i had a car accident, i do seem to have a run of bad luck, over the last couple of yrs, but have been told by my housing that i can keep the 3 dogs as long as i dont replace them as they die, but i find happyness up on my allotment with my hens and my fresh eggs...
  7. thankyou, i will keep him in his cage for now, they had a love hate friendship, he's is hand tame and loves being round humans and she was a wild caught 1/aivery breed, he would bully her if they where in a small cage, this is why they had a very large cage but i dont think he killed her, i will keep an eye on him. (as for jess i had to take her body out as i have children( aged 11), she is now at the vets)..
  8. Hi, i've not been on here for a while, the question i would like to ask is do parrots grieve.. the reason i ask is that i had my 2 little sengals for a few yrs now and both are about 8 plus yrs old and this morning i found jes jess the little girl dead on the cage floor(we have had for almost 8yrs) no sign of illness other than she was a bit quite last night and she landed a bit hard on the cage floor, we dont know what happerend as we didnt see her just heard her land., i went to check her and she took of from the floor and seemed ok, just quite, i went to bed and said if she's still quite and seem off then i ll take her to the vets but came down and she had already gone... So the guy thats left (willam) who is 6/7 yrs old will he pine for her, he is eating and drinking ok and all he was saying this morning was s**t.. so i said yep it's going to a s**t week.. the cage that they where both in was a large 1 6ft by 3ft wide by 6ft high.. it was more for her so she could fly around as willam cant fly to well, would it be best to put him a smaller cage? and is there anything esle i can do to help him come to terms with his loss, thankyou sorry for a long post.. fly free little 1, you will always be in my thoughts jess jess, the things you got up to will always make me smile and laugh.. fly free..xxx
  9. im on facebook to, if any one wants to ad me, mines zoe.pattinson@hotmail.co.uk, let me know who you are and i'll ad you too
  10. hi, i was woundering what about the nosie from another sennie, might bring him down, if the sound came from near his cage, i know my 2 when i play back their noise the talk back and fly to the other side where the noise from, just an idea, sorry if it sounds silly
  11. thats great news, im keeping my fingers x that you can get him back...
  12. hi, i go to kingsthorpe allotments which i think is near the golf course, so i will keep an eye open for you and ask around for you(the other gardeners on there )..
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