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  1. HI folks, I have a one year old african grey which is chewing through everything ie door faceings ,curtains,picture frames etc. just wondering if there is a natural product on the market that you can put on the furniture to stop this happening .looking for a quick reply :?
  2. hi rachel hopefully she will, but she seemed a bit frightend of one we seen in a pet shop. maybe once we have our own she will get use to it
  3. hi guys , many thanks for all your support , i havent actually got an african grey as yet, but put down a deposit on one . my wife is at home with our 2 yr old daughter most of the day,appart from when she is at the shops etc , would that make any diffrence ? i wouldnt like to cause a bird any stress . i also have a cockateil at home which will keep it company , once again many thanks for the support regards daz
  4. MadMudMob says ... I have split this from a separate thread so it can be noticed more easily. Here's the original thread: https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/15784-advice-please/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hi, can anyone tell me how much time you need to spend with an african grey , as i leave for work at 06.30am and dont return home till 17.15pm .giving him/her time out of the cage until around 21.00pm is that enough time ?
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