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  1. Hello, sunflower and peanuts for most of its live!!!!!!!! I am quiet suprised it is just a spot on his liver. I would have expected his liver had turned into foie gras by now. We all try to do our best for our birds and by doing that a lot of people do more damage than good. The food most people give their parrot is far to strong. They need variaty but you have to keep it lean to the point that you think you getting mean. My favourite birds ar cockatoos and they never get sunflowers at all. Actually they are fed on a lean parrakeetmix with lots of soaked seeds, fruit and vegs and the results i have speak for themselves. You heve to think that our parrots dont have to fly for miles and miles everyday. Most of them are just sitting around al day so they dont need powerful food. It may sound mean but it is for the birds best. We have a human population that has problems with obesety already. We dont want to add a parrot one as well. VARIET BUT IN MODERATION and lots of excercise
  2. Rarely is featherplucking a food related problem as we all try to give our parrots the best we can and they can get by with very little. Most times it is psychological or hormonial. When your Senegal starts plucking when you go on holiday then that is psychological. You have to realise that these birds of the mind and intelligence of a young child. You try and leave a child aged two or three behind when you go on holiday. You say that your senegal is starting to pluck now and you havent been on holiday. Well most African parrotspecies get in breedingcondition during the wintermonths (Ihave three breedingpairs and they all start breeding around New Year). As petparrots cannot express their natural behaviour and most times are kept on their own so they cannot interact with other parrots of their own species they cannot deal with all these hormones rushing through their bodie and something will happen. Some turn nasty, some pluck themselves, some cope with normally and you wouldnt notices anything. Remember every parrot is an individual and their is no cure that can help every parrot that plucks itself. It is a combination of factors that will be different for every parrot. It is not as simple as most people think.
  3. Birds dont need twelve hours or in the winter even sixteen hours sleep. In the wild they dont have a choice at that time of the year. It gets dark and they have to roost until it gets light. They cannot flick on a lightswitch like we do indoors.
  4. Hi Harry007 If the eggs have been cool for several hours and they are about eight days old they will have died of. Eight days is the most critical moment for the embryos. If the hen or cock havent gone back in the box by now the chances they will is very smal. Just remove the eggs and let them start again or remove the nestbox if you dont want to breed. However if they decide to breed they will lay the eggs on the cagefloor.
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