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  1. Ok, cool. Just was a bit shocked at how much dusty stuff came off him! lol! Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
  2. Hi guys, Fiji is my Black Headed Caique and last night we noticed that he was dropping 'dusty' stuff off him and a feather fell off him as well. Is this a sign of a molt? It was only last night that we noticed it. He looks healthy in every other aspects. How old are they for their first molt usually? Thanks in advance!
  3. lol! I was completely oblivious! Thank you all! I feel quite special! Thanks! (big cheesy grin!)
  4. BTW, thanks MadMudMob for putting the extra opinion in. Seems most people are voting for that one! Thanks!
  5. Lol! That just made me laugh! I think Fiji would win if a vet tried to knock him out, in the boxing sense! The vet I spoke to said he would have to knock Fiji out to do it. Which obv adds to the price. I'll see what happens with the poll and what people suggest before going back to him.
  6. Hi all, Fiji my BHC is very special to me and I really don't want anything to happen to him. He doesn't have a ring or microchip so I was wondering if I should? I spoke to an Avian vet and he recommened that I don't get him microchipped or ringed as they will take the ring off and microchipping isn't something he would do in a small parrot. I don't know now what to do. Should I get him ringed? If so where do I get that done? Thank you!
  7. Yeah he is a baby. Not entirely sure how old but he hasn't got the pure white breast feathers yet. (I heard that they don't go white until they are an adult, if I'm wrong please correct me!) We have been whistling back to him when we're out of the room, calling his name and telling him we're still here. Our neighbours must think we're mad! lol! Sometimes he goes a bit quieter but sometimes he just gets louder and louder. I had the distinct displeasure the other day having a screech right in my ear (he was on my shoulder). My other half walked out the room and he did his seagull imprrssion. My lord! I couldn't hear out of that hear for about 10 mins! lol! I think my OH is his fav as he gets all excited when he goes near him. What treats are good for them? He loves grapes. Gets all protective over them! We generally hold one for him and he makes a right mess eating it. End up with grape all over me and the sofa and the walls! But anyone goes near him whilst he is having grape time, you'll know about it! Is that a bad thing we should be trying to iron out? We've found it funny but I don't want to have a naughty caique on my hands! When he's noisey whilst we're in the room, I think it is attention. It's usually when he is in a his cage whilst we are eating dinner. And especially when our Budgies are going crazy! It's like they are having a noise compeition. Sorry Budg but he'll win everytime! lol! I do love his character to bits!
  8. Oh my god! I never knew that! Right, that's put a stop to that! Thank you for that. So how do I know he is happy? He makes this really cute 'purr'. I call it his Parrot Purr. I can't think of any other way to descibe it. Is this a general noise parrots/caiques make?
  9. Thank you for the welcomes! Love the pics! And hello my fellow Caique owner! lol!
  10. Hi all, so we've had Fiji for over 2 weeks and he is the sweetest little guy every. He is very affectionate (well I call it affectionate, he might not actually be!) He'll stick his head in our mouths although I have stopped doing it after he's eaten chilli's as my mouth feels like it's on fire! That was a shock and a half! lol! He snuggles up to me at about 9pm under my hair. Usually in an awkward position so I have to sit with my neck crooked! But my lord is he noisy! We don't need a burgular alarm! He used to scream the house down when we left the room. But now he is also shreking when we're in the room. I'm trying to stop this but it is proving difficult. But I'm sure we'll get there. He had his first 'shower' the other day and loved it! I turned the tap on in the kitchen sink and let him play around in it! Everything was soaked afterwards! lol! He does make me laugh. Such character! Does anyone else have BHC's and want to share some of their wisdom with me! There is not a great deal of information out on the web about how to train them. Or even the noises they make. I know each BHC is prob different regarding noises, but I just want to make sure. Thank you all!
  11. Hi everyone. I have a Blacke Headed Caique that I'm sure will have me on here a lot so I thought I'd better join! His name is Fiji and is a right monkey! He is my first real parrot (if that makes sense!). I have had birds in the past and have 2 Budgies and a Cockatiel as well as Fiji. (Along with the rest of the zoo!). I very much look forward to asking you all lots of questions!
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