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  1. I know, I can't believe how hard it is to find a decent cage - all the ones I fancy have bar spacing that's too wide for smaller birds so I'm glad I've got a while to keep looking!
  2. I think I'm probably being a bit over-cautious with the opening top thing. Considering the size of a conure it's pretty unlikely that it would be able to unlock it and I could, like you said, always tie it shut somehow or maybe padlock it... Got a while to think about it anyway as I have a week booked in Lanzarote next June so any parroty plans will be on the back burner until after that. I'll probably start getting all the equipment shortly after we get back then start looking for some birds. Thinking of rehoming a pair of birds if I can rather than getting babies
  3. Aw, bless! Ferrets do tend to be more fearless though, don't they? My guinea pigs live indoors so no worries there for me but I worry about the cats if they're out. Luckily, they do tend to stay inside when the fireworks start and they're not particularly friendly to strangers so I don't have the added worry of kids strapping bangers to them or anything (touch wood)!!
  4. My cat went through a phase of weeing in my bed. nothing to do with fireworks, she would start doing it when it got frosty outside and she didn't want to go out for a wee. She did it for 2 years in a row and on a few occasions did it while I was still in bed :shock: Some numpty threw a banger in my front garden the other day and there's a little patch of grass all burnt out from it It didn't half make me jump when it went off!
  5. Aw, I hate that My parcels normally arrive when I'm out doing the school run which is really annoying! The weather's not been too bad here, though, a bit windy but not too cold and no rain today (touch wood!)
  6. Signed. I don't have birds at the mo but always really paranoid about my cats being out and the stories you hear about people tying fireworks to cats and other animals is shocking I hate sparklers too, they really scare me and I haven't held one since I was a little kid!
  7. ...what can we all have a moan about? Hehehe!!
  8. That's on my list of cage possibilities now, I like the width of it, too.
  9. I read something the other day about someone coming home to find that one of her birds had managed to open the lid lock and she found it dead hanging by its neck trapped in the lid opening. It's not the fact of having the lid open, it's if it shuts on the parrot and traps it :shock: I think I'd be far too paranoid
  10. Beat you to it, Roz, I read that yesterday Thanks though! Just trying to find something as big as poss with small bar spacing although most of the bigger cages are obviously aimed at macaws and 'toos so have large bar spacing... I'll get there eventually :roll:
  11. http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/bird-supplies/bird-cages/budgie-cages-canary-and-finch-cages/montana-small-bird-cages/montana-bird-cage-miami-antique-finish.html this one would be awesome but again it has an opening top...
  12. Both nice but I'm trying to stay away from the open top style - I've heard some awful stories about birds hanging themselves in them
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