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  1. So do you think I've been ripped off then? I paid £120 for her with the cage inc. I really don't mind if I have paid over the odds though, because she is a great companion, she's sitting on my shoulder as we speak
  2. I love her no matter what, thanks for letting me know She has got such a great character, I'm happy what ever species of bird, shes just perfect!
  3. He had other birds, but I suppose there is a chance that he got mixed up. Like you say it doesn't matter anyway, she's an amazing bird and I love her no matter what, she's great
  4. Well she's still a baby at the moment, I didn't think that they got their full plumage until they were 36 months? Do you think I have been lied to? I saw both of it's parents and they looked like alexandrines to me :S
  5. Thanks for your reply on my other post madmudmob Sorry for asking twice, didn't mean to 'spam'!
  6. Thanks to everyone who helped me out She's VERY tame now thanks to the gentling advice you gave me. She loves cuddles, kisses and tickles. Steps up on command and loves sitting on my knees, shoulders (and frustratingly) my head So funny when she swoops around the room and decides that it's time to take a little rest right on the top of my head. Here is a picture of me and my baby I've only had her 3 weeks, is it normal for her to be so loving and tame so soon after having her? She has never been tame before and was reared by her parents!
  7. Here is a photo of me and my baby, just if you wanted to see
  8. Yes she was parent reared. But thanks to this site I've turned her into a completely human loving and trusting little bird I followed the gentling advice and now she is very tame. She steps up onto my hand and spends most of her time out of the cage sitting on me, she loves her tickles and cuddles and likes to nestle herself in my hair bless her. I'm really quite shocked that she has come on so fast! I've only had her about 3 weeks yet she is already very tame! Thank you everyone who has helped me! p.s, do you know if it is normal for a bird to become to tame and attached so soon? I mean, three weeks! I never expected that! And she has never been hand tame before so I'm very shocked.
  9. Thanks for the advice folks. I'm still gentling her at the moment, as she's not tamed and only 6months old. I'm just letting her get used to me at the moment, only had her a week, so she isn't stepping up just yet. She seems to trust me, and allows me to stroke her with inanimate objects, but human hands still freak her out a bit. It just takes time I suppose.
  10. Thanks for the help She's back in now, it turns out that the grapes are just far too irresistible for her. I have a feeling she wont be falling for that one again though! She's looking very sorry for herself, silly chipmunk =P
  11. Lulu climbed out of her cage today while i was trying to feed her grapes. But now she wont go back in... :S How can I do this without scaring her? Ive left a grape in the cage for her, but thats not working... Do you think she will go back in on her own if i leave her long enough or should I try putting her in? I really don't want to scare or upset her...
  12. Oh I have just read the post regarding the alexandrine scam. That is so sad! I'm appaulled by that, no common decency there at all. I'm glad to say however, that Lulu isn't one of those. I picked her up from a mans house (not a breeder, but did breed his two alexandrines), so I saw her parents and other parrots that she lived with. But still. That scam is absolutely terrible. I can't even imagine the terror those poor birds must have felt. This has made me feel as sad as the story about those horses who were found dead. Did you hear about that?
  13. Thanks so much MadMudMod! I'll take a look at those links now, and thanks for such a kind greeting
  14. Hello fellow parrot lovers! I have already made a post in the help section. But I thought it would be common courtesy to come and introduce myself. I'm Sarah!! HI! I have just brought an alexandrine parrot, I've called her Lulu, which is short for her full name (Princess Tallulah Ruby-Rainbow Amy) =P I'm not a psychopathic obsessive child, I just think the name is rather random and pretty, like myself! Teehehee. I hope that everyone is well and happy, I hope to be sticking around here. So to cut it short, hello from me and twit twoo from Lulu!
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