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  1. ANNHILL123

    Advice required: feather plucking

    Pepper looks like our Loro when we got him....Id say theres hope,with love attention the right diet and vits.
  2. ANNHILL123

    Parrots feet cut off

    SICK,SICK SICK....Why oh why dont we have proper punishments dished out for this kind of SCUM
  3. ANNHILL123

    Louis Theroux

    I watched it ..didn't like the way that chap was goading the cat to fight,didnt like the very small enclosures..didnt like the.... list goes on and on.........
  4. ANNHILL123

    Avian vet Lincoln/Nottingham

    I thought the chap at Byrons had left? We use Craig Huntat Chine House Veterinary Hospital, Leicestershire
  5. ANNHILL123

    Screaming macaw help

    Hi Mandy.What part of the country are you in ? Sounds like he is calling for you,I agree with Timneh make the cage fun,hide food etc...Is his cage large enough? does he get his full sleep quota with his cage covered?
  6. ANNHILL123

    hello from lincolnshire

    Hello Bobby from us in Nottinghamshire
  7. ANNHILL123

    Hawk Headed parrots

    We had someone ( cant remember his name ) bring his Hawkheads to our parrot club in Shirebrook.Lovely looking birds.If I remember correctly he has one that does live indoors as a pet.Amazing when the crest goes up.
  8. ANNHILL123


    Never mind the indian head massage try the Moluccan...
  9. ANNHILL123

    Murphy has escaped!

    Its a shame that micro chips dont have gps in them.
  10. ANNHILL123

    Craig Hunt, Chine House, Loughborough

    We have used him and would use him again
  11. ANNHILL123

    Baby bird breeder issue

    Am I the only person here wondering who the 'breeder' is ?