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  1. thanks for your replies - golden valley it is!!!!
  2. hi, im thinking of insuring my timneh and was wondering if anyone could recommend anyone, iv looked on exotic animals but not sure whether to go with it or not.
  3. ah how great is that, i wanted to get a harness for our birdie when we take our dogs out but my husband said no as he thinks other birds will attack him, but the cage carrier will be the safest option, incase he can escape for the harness!!!!!
  4. Hello everyone, iv newly joined parrot-link to find a hoilday home for my timheh grey 'birdie' and now love the site, iv had lots of replies which is much appreciated, thanks. we live in the warrington area and just have the one grey (even though i would love loads, but he keep us busy enough!), with a labrador 'rex' and a lhasa apso 'archie'. Amyx
  5. Thank you for your kind offers, I will keep you in mind. I didnt realise it would be this hard to leave him - we havent got any kids yet so he is my baby!
  6. im having trouble too, its saying i need to upload photo less than 6mb???
  7. Thank you mandy for your advice, we are still very new to the parrot world so any advice is grateful x Amy
  8. Hi Linda, Thank you so much for the reply and offer, you may just save my life, we are still struggling to find someone, my friend has offered but she lives on her own and works full time plus she has no experience with parrots so im unsure. Can i ask you a few questions and maybe come for a visit and bring 'birdie' for a visit. What birds do you have? do you have any other pets, he is used to dogs! would we need to bring his cage? thanks again Amy
  9. I have a timneh african grey and im stuck this year for someone to look after him. He is 3 this year and iv only ever left him with my mum and his breeder, im very reluctant to leave him with any one else i know, as he needs to be looked after by someone who knows how to handle him and care for parrots. we live in the warrington area and would be greatful if anyone who would be willing and experienced to care for him. Thanks
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