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  1. I have been following this topic for a wee while now and I agree with a lot that has been said.I used to take all of my 3 (amazon,grey.macaw) when I got them home at weeks old and trained them all in the smallest room ie:the bathroom,the step up commands etc.no problems there and they all have their favourite person.The amazon is very hormonal and aggressive it attacks me for no reason and catches me unawares quite often and boy can she draw blood :twisted: ,my husband suggested something that works a treat,he got a length of 16" of wooden perch and got a square of plastic about 10"x 10"(was a bit left from guttering facings or something)he drilled a hole the thickness of the perch stuck it through and she goes onto the perch but cant bite fingers.If I can find the photo I took with her on it I will post and let you see what I mean
  2. Thank you all for your good wishes its been a lovely day for us with the family its not often we all get together work and distance gets in the way at times. As for a bargain,I was a lot cheaper than any of our birds,and I dont bite or mess all over the floor,no I just clean it up.LOL :roll:
  3. My husband, bless him, says he got the best bargain of his life the day we got married,it cost 7/6 old pennies (about 37p now) We celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary on Saturday 2 Feb.Quite an achievement in this day and age now.Ok so there more snow on the top and the fire down below is just a flicker :wink: ,but hey! we still got a lot of love and respect for each other.
  4. Tap water here too,we have nice soft water in the NE scotland
  5. Thank you all,Yes I have 3 parrots from huge macaw to small amazon,they all say thank you and please,they know their manners and none swear,and as for being sweet---Aye right !! :roll: I will get more on youtube as my lot talk up a storm.thanks for helping me out.
  6. if it dont work try "want to call me" you should see it then
  7. thanks for the replies,is this how its done looks daft to me
  8. I have my parrot talking on youtube ,is it possible to have it like a sig.so its there all the time for others to see :?
  9. :evil: I am trying since yesterday to contact DD numerous times but when I try to send my message the next page comes up all full of errors,so it cant be sent also tried phoning DD answer machine during day nobody replies even leaving phone number --Whats going on,How can I get in touch about my order that is paid for if no one will get back to me --would be better to send my message by parrot carrier,probably get there quicker Viatcove
  10. you could be right.I had eclectus for few years too but got very aggressive when mature,kept attacking me for no reason going for my feet everytime she got out,now my amazon behaves similar,she.s 6 had her since baby.I have a greenwing macaw just hopes she doesnt change as she gets older,cant help thinking its a female thing,why do we love em though.
  11. Thank you for the very warm welcome. I sometimes cant get onto pc as mambo needs so much attention,but i have moved laptop facing their room so I can keep my beady eyes on them all and for the time being they are all doing their own thing,peace perfect peace but for how long!!!
  12. Hi,I am new here,I am a 72 yr old Scottish woman.I am bullied by 3 Scottish speaking parrots :roll: .Cha cha(African Grey) is the oldest now at 12,Salsa,(Yellow crowned amazon)is 6 and Mambo,(Greenwing macaw) the baby,nearly 3. I have bought them all as babies and Mambo I fully weaned her myself,she is a mammys girl and wont look at my husband.I take her for walks with her harness on in the summer.Cha cha and Salsa have been on tv and radio they talk non stop.You can meet them checking there own website. http://tinyurl.com/g2e75 or the scottish one, http://tinyurl.com/km86k, if you can understand the accent written as they speak,though you cant hear them unfortunately. I will pop in quite often as I read a lot on parrots. regards Vi.
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