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  1. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas in regards to the following... I study Animal Care at college at the moment, and the college have recenty had new purpose-built aviaries built (they are very large with big indoor heated areas, a feed room for all food prep etc, and the layout and design of the avairies is really good). With the new avairies, they've also taken on a number of new birds. Anyway, in one of these aviaries, there are two Sun Conures, an very quiet Timneh African Grey, and I think possibly some quail (i always get confused which aviary the quail are in as there are multiple aviaries). There are also two "Fiery Shouldered Conures" which have just been moved into there, and one of them looked very under the weather the other day and had to be rushed to the vet room, and it will be seen by an avian vet asap. I was just wondering who the most likely culprit it is, assuming it's down to bullying, and are there any definite no-no's between this mixture of species? The college is putting it down to bullying but it's not actually seen. And the other fiery shouldered conure seemed fine. Any ideas? Thanks for reading
  2. LOL! He is lovely. Can't believe he knows to go back home etc!
  3. I didn't think they were too bad either, considering most shops charge crazy prices. They had some really nice Greater Vasa parrots in a while back. I'm not sure where they get their birds from, but they must have some good links, because if they don't have them they seem to be able to order anything :shock:
  4. http://www.selectexotics.co.uk/index.php
  5. Sorry, it was near Sevenoaks, in Kent! I know this one!! It's called Barkers pets (Select Garden Centre) but the bird/reptile/fish section is behind the main pet bit and you have to walk down that little hill....I go there quite often to get pet food supplies. They always have lovely birds, I was there today actually (I live very near it). Today they had a baby macaw in a similar type glass-fronted cage, it looked really young and didn't have many feathers so I think they were hand rearing it. The macaws they have in the big cage/aviary middle of the shop are lovely I don't know about how good they are in terms of care, because I've heard not so good things, but usually it doesn't look too bad when I've been in there...
  6. That's brilliant news, well done Charlie! It's quite ironic as today was the first time my sennie ever came to any of us, it's a great feeling isn't it? Shows how much Charlie loves you I think!!
  7. Sunday 1st Well he has got so much more confident, uses much more of his cage space now and loves being out (he doesn't fly into things anymore!!). Also using his toys a bit more. I can't believe how much he will work for his food...he's still not completely happy with humans, but will do anything for a piece of apple...today he was out on the budgie cage and noticed I was eating an apple. He looked very curious and climbed to the side of the cage and FLEW ONTO MY ARM WHEN I HELD IT OUT!!!! I put him back on the cage and tried again - he did the same!! I'm reeeallly happy he did this (and he got a big reward for it!!). I can't believe he has settled in so much. So peeps if you have a clipped bird this is what you're missing out on! I hope this is a sign that he trusts me a little more now - seems he will do anything for food!!
  8. Fri 30th Well he is still very clumbsy with his flying but slowly getting better, and he will now step up onto my hand/finger without getting spooked and flying off! He's not too impressed with this and needs lots of encouragment but it's great progress for in under a week! His personality is showing a lot more and he is getting noisier (esp when having convo's with the budgie) and he's also got a bit cheeky and a bit nippy (nothing serious though!). He seems to expect food every time you go near him which is quite funny and he is very greedy for a little parrot!!
  9. Wed 28th Well Ollie came out for the first time today and sat ontop of his cage watching the TV and enjoying treats. We noticed he is very obcessed with the Budgie who is in the cage opposite the room - kept flying to sit ontop of his cage and nick his seed-bell treats! (The budgie was not impressed). We noticed he loved his freedom and he kept trying to fly around the room, not knowing where to land...eventually flying into something or landing on the curtain poles! (He never hurt himself though).
  10. Hey Well some of this will be me remembering back, as I haven't kept a "diary" of Ollie's progress so far, but I think he deserves one!! I'm not doing everyday just every worthy update.. Sunday May 25th Well today I bought a little sennie home! The breeder was very helpful and gave us lots of good advice. At first I couldn't decide which one to get out of the cage as they were all lovely - but I ended up bringing home the first bird I handled! There was no way I could change him for another, I think the moment I walked in I had decided Monday 26th Well we didn't do much with Ollie (as he has now been named) today as we just wanted him to settle in really, added a few more toys to his cage and just some gentle handfeeding every so often with his fav treat - apple! (must be sweet and red to be specific!!)
  11. Jazz is lovely (cool name!) his cage looks great too. Brill pics.
  12. While I agree that the intentions of the rescue are probably good, I don't think that means Parrots should be taken from not so good situations just to be placed in an over crowded aviary. Also the cause of the Parrots being there is unknown - but if those Parrots are able to talk etc then I would assume at least some of them have at one point been in a home situation with plenty of attention etc. I think there have probably been loads of situations where decent owners have been forced to give up their much loved pets for whatever reason. :-)
  13. It just makes me sad to think that some of those birds have been put in an Aviary when they have come from a home environment and like already mentioned, they need a certain level of interaction. I assume some must have been hand reared and if kept alone all their life i'm sure some of those birds value the interaction from humans much more than other birds (although as pointed out they do enjoy other birds' company). That level of attention cannot be given to each individual bird when they have that many!! :shock: There are loads of suitable homes out there that would take on a rescue or unwanted bird, and there are ways of making sure potential owners are suitable (homechecks etc). Also about breeding, well to me this just goes against what a rescue stands for totally. I know that reputable breeders are brilliant as they make sure they educate and home to good homes, but for a rescue to be breeding, especially when the aviaries are that cluttered, it just seems wrong. To me this seems like nothing more than a personal collection that has grown and grown, and now they let the public pay for their hobby!!!!!
  14. I got it from a local pet shop (called Barkers Pets) i'm not sure if they're a chain or just an individual shop? I'm sure you could get similar ones in pets at home though! :-)
  15. Are the birds that are taken from home environments still put in Aviaries then? (Just curious) wouldn't it be better if they were kept indoors if they've been raised as household pets & not aviary birds?
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