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    I been doing my dis on breeding and diet among other things and when i spoke to someone within an institution who is having great success breeding his birds (inc hyacinth macaws etc) they said they use no artificial supplements or grit, but instead grind up entire eggs inc shells and add it too their diets (varied) and this is working really well for upping calcium and protein during the breeding season. They'd previously had had some problems with calcium so it seems to be working for them... I have no idea if you'll find that helpful, but thought i'd throw it in for your information in case you find it useful...
  2. My 4 quite like them, they get them daily in their fruit bowls and will eat them up usually... My old Bert (RIP) used to LOVE them, had to be careful how much you gave him though, cos he would literally glut himself on an entire bowl of banana's given the chance!!! miss him!
  3. With the four of mine, there's no way i can afford a yearly check up for each of them! Trim their nails myself and the first inkling of anything wrong - weight loss, or strange behaviour they go straight to an avian vet. Luckily covered by my insurance, so they effectively get a check up anyways, but it only costs me the £12 excess!
  4. I think rooks and ravens are bigger... Think you get ravens further south than rooks... but don't quote me on that...
  5. Oh, just thought, could also be a corvid species of some type, would make sense with the dog bowl if it was sitting on the edge of the bowl... though seems less likely - unless any of them have had any white in them?
  6. Yeah, the funny lil muffled laughter, and all those little funny noises... Always makes me giggle, then louis starts saying 'what? what you want?' with his head still in the bowl - sounds so funny!!! Glad to hear my lot aren't the only nutters around!!! Love the hide and seek games, sounds so sweet, my louis will say peekaboo but hasn't picked up on the hiding! Elmo, the Sennie likes to hide in pockets and crawls down my jumper purring, she's a strange one!!
  7. I'd reckon a hedgie that isn't sleeping by the size especially if it doesn't smell foxy... in cities they don't always hibernate like they should be, especially if there is enough food around and a warm place to kip... and they do rouse and seek out food during mild periods, they don't hibernate fully like some species (go into torpor instead). The other thing could be a pine martin, though i don't believe they are in London (think that's where i read that you are?) and it hasn't got a squiggley tail to it... Doesn't look like a badger at all really - though if you want to check you should put a bowl of dog food out and stick a concrete slab on it, a badger is the only one who could move it - a fox hasn't got the strength. Could stick a sand track bed out as well. Cover the ground in a cm or two or soft builders sand and stick a bowl of dog food in the centre of it, so the animal has to walk across it to get to the food... make sure the sand isn't tightly packed down though or you won't get any prints... You should then get a couple of good prints; if you take some pics and put those up i could try to identify them especially if you give the scale. Had to identify animals from scat and tracks in Epping forest for my course so i should hopefully be able to help... I love this kind of stuff, i'm a bit sad really though!!! Have fun, and let us know how you get on...
  8. My camera went kaputt after louis (the grey) ate it!!! I'm getting anew one soon, and will post one when i get it...
  9. Just been thinking about my crazy grey; he likes emptying his food bowl and hanging upside down and sticking his head in it, he then starts to talk to and sing to himself for a while. He does this quite often, and seems to really like it! My Sennie does a similar thing, she always likes sticking her head into holes and singing/speaking/purring, especially glasses that have been pinged, and sometimes tries to invade my mouth if i'm not careful!! Just wondering if anyone else has strange birds who like to stick there heads in holes and sing/speak??? or if mine are just nutters!!! :roll:
  10. Only one of mine shreds paper, the 'too Mickey.. she jumps down and shreds it as soon as its changed... she likes to sit under it and pull the shredded bits over her back like a blanket. Sits there with just her head sticking out... it's so sweet!!!
  11. My grey took the plastic frontage off my camera a while ago whilst i was trying to take a nice head shot of him. He was so quick and wouldn't let go, just grinded away. Lost a tiny little spring, and broke some of the plastic around it, wasn't worth getting repaired tho.. and now the zoom function is minimal and it's given up the ghost! Currently saving for a new one. Problem is that technology goes out of date so fast that by the time somethings happened to it, it isn't worth fixing cos you could buy a new one for the same price as getting it fixed, or a far better version for the price you orginally paid! Hope you can sort yours out though, i know how it feels to loose a favourite camera! Though it does give an excuse to buy a new toy!!!
  12. Ok, so i'm gonna need to get some bigger equipment! Thank you so much... it's really appreciated! Cat >^..^<
  13. Hiya, I'm currently doing my dis on parrots, and i need to go and measure the length of the wing - from the carpal joint (thats the equivalent of the wrist joint) to the tip of the longest primary feather... Here's the favour i'm asking... :wink: I've got the equipment to measure up to 30cms, and was wondering if anyone with a large macaw (i'm doing the hyacinth, typically the biggest :roll: ) and a medium to large cockatoo (i'm doing the citron-crested cockatoo) would be able to give me an idea of the kind of measurements i should be expecting... just a quick look with a 30cm ruler or something... if it's definately going to be over that i need to know if i need to order a bigger piece of equipment!!! I've had a quick look online, but can only find wingspans, hyacinth has a wingspan of up to and over 120cm... but theres no indication of their longest primary length etc.. If anyone could help me with this, i would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance... Cat >^..^< P.s. If anyone is wondering why... it's because i'm trying to assess the individual fitness of the bird by measuring their level of symmetry (the more symmetrical the measurements the less developmental stresses they encountered... and hence they are supposed to be more fit...) Hope that makes sense... :?
  14. I have lamps for mine, but like you can't afford one each. All i can say, is it definately perks the birds up more and they do look in better condition since i got it over a year ago... Coupled with a calcium supplement as above, it seems to do wonders! I alternate mine between the birds avery couple of days - they are all in one room and the strip light is positioned behind their cages so it's easy to move it along and covers two cages at a time anyway. The way i see it is, any additional source of UVA/B is better than none... especially as most windows filter out significant amounts of UVA/B, and the UVB is so very important for calcium absorption. Afterall, theres not really that much point in giving a calcium supplement if the birds haven't got the right amounts of UVB to enable them to absorb it! Interesting info i stumbled across recently; I was speaking to a avian vet and they informed me that birds excrete a substance that they groom into their feathers, which then reacts with the UVB and gets taken in again when they groom again, and is then absorbed. Very interesting stuff, although i haven't had much time to check up on the ins and outs of the process really. I want to invest in the screw fitting versions soon, when i have some more cash - figure i can put it in a cheap bendy lamp to shine at the favourite perch etc. Hope that helps... or atleast adds to the collective pool of knowledge... Cat >^..^<
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