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  1. Thanks for your help guys glad to know shes not the only one bless her
  2. Well after a bit of research I've answered my own question lol!! I've never heard of "colour variation" within greys before how strange. So un like us humans congos start off grey and gain colour!!
  3. When giving Rox a head scrarch tonight I noticed that one of her feathers on her head has a orangey red patch on it?? Whats that all about any ideas? Its not blood, that was my first thought. I'll try and get a pic tomorrow. Any help would be appricated.
  4. This happened to my grey and the other half is still there and looks a bit messy I chose not to doing anything because to remove it would be a bit of a scare for her and not worth it if its not bothering her. It's funny though because shes been moulting for a while now and it seems like every feather bar this one has come out!!
  5. Ah I've got a N95 as well but the 1Gig version but both are 5meg cam's maybe tweaked some how. Carl zeiss lenses on aphone shows how far technology has come - but now I'm just waffling on about cam's!!!! To get back on topic - stunning birds
  6. The first pic is fantastic As I was scrolling down I was thinking wonder what cam it is looks about 10meg thought its prob the popular nikon d40x.......................but its your phone! What phone do you have?!
  7. My friend lost his grey in december here's a few thing we were told to do Put the cage outside so if he comes back to the area may spot it, put there fav food on display and toys. Leave windows open so they may fly back through. Go for walks around your area especialy in the morning and at night - I cant remeber the stat but its something like in the first 4 weeks they stay in a 2 mile radus (something close to that) check trees he maybe pearched on. Also check anywhere where they might seek shelter farm barns etc. Another tip is on flyers posters put that he needs vet treatment (people are less likely to keep your bird if they think its going to cost them) Contact the rspca and the police register the details with them these are the places people go to when they genuinly want to return the bird they have found. Goodluck I know how horrible this is
  8. Mrs K. Everett BVetMed MRCVS, Miss M Kubiak BVSc MRCVS Sandhole Veterinary Centre Snodland Kent ME6 5LG Tel 01634 242502 Fax 01634 244116
  9. hello anita, hope you had a good birthday
  10. Did they get the parrot back thats what I want to know?!
  11. Thanks thats brill :D/ I'm going to get on the case of building one soon, I'm still going through harness training at the mo and until she fully accepts it an avirey would be great for some outdoor fun Thank you
  12. Looks great, good build! Can I be really cheeky and ask for a list of materials? [-o< please
  13. stunning!! These are amazons arent they not very up on all species!! I was looking at davids thread eariler.
  14. sounds like the couple were already hooked up, but just havent got the baggage!!!
  15. cool thanks for your help, I think I'll just leave it, it doesn't really seem to bother her, it just looks scruffy but it's not worth scaring her. She is moulting a lot at the mo so guess this one will come out soon. Thanks again :D/
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